The missing angel

When they do the daily roll call for the army of Angels in heaven there is always one angel unaccounted for.  They do this check in order to assign the various responsibilities.  Sending forty angels per kid to playgrounds around the globe, assigning seven angels per teacher to avoid violence and then a few are dispatched to assist any person who gets into a cab.  I know about the missing angel because she has been living in my house for the past 11 years.  I can only imagine all the “Reward if found” posters in the golden city.

The angel escaped to earth in the form of a baby girl who was handed to us on 25 July 2002.  My wife expected to go in that day and come back with a new baby, but instead we got her, our own angel.

July 2012 028 mod

She has blond hair, which only appeared after six months, and blue eyes, one lighter than the other.  In her human form, though beautiful, she almost went unnoticed, but then she would laugh.  Her secret known to everyone for it is a heavenly sound.  It originates in her soul, flooding her heart and bursting out in a hysterical sound that brightens up the day.  Every person within hearing distance suddenly smiles, thus having the ability to shine light into every dark crevice of humanity.

With time, she gained some more human qualities, or simply put, produced estrogen.  The female hormone infiltrated her system and made her more unpredictable.  Now we call her our four-seasons-in-a-day-daughter.  She has a unique ability to experience life in the most excessive way, like when she falls, she does not cry, she sobs uncontrollably, when her tummy aches, she basically is on the verge of death and she takes her schoolwork way to seriously, almost to the point of obsession.  And everything is an event.  But then she laughs.

Sometimes I close my eyes even when I am very far away and just imagine the sound, imprinted on my brain.  The only thing that saddens me is the fact that even angels have to grow up.  Is there anyone out there who can cure this disease of growing up?  It is a sickness that infiltrates the lives of our children to the point where they eventually want to leave the house.

Even so, while this missing angel is still amongst us, just note that I have bought a double barrelled shotgun to protect her from any mortal man who is stupid enough to try and take her away from me, just saying.

I won't bite, I promise...

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