Diamond days

It’s a good day.  I am happy, content, smiling at everyone, joking with colleagues.  I feel more alive, the air seems clearer, everything is just better than usual.

Why?  I don’t know.  I just feel great.  To be able to walk and talk and dance and sing and write.  Reasons for being grateful is in abundance.  Beautiful wife, amazing children, greatest friends.

July 2012 054

Actually I lied.  I know why I feel good today.  I call days like today, Diamond days.  I borrowed it from an amazing song by the band Out of the Grey, from an album they released in 1994. (You can check out the full lyrics of the song here).  And you should, its inspirational stuff.  It’s days that appear on the journey of life and just lifts you up.  Raises your spirits.  Days that make you appreciate everything a little bit more.  It’s not because of a specific event, it’s just days when life decides to give you a break.  It’s days when the Lord instructs Mother Earth, Fate, Murphy and the demons of bad luck to butt out.

Like the song says, these days appear at just the right time, perfectly placed.  When you feel that you can’t take anymore, when you feel your positive attitude is slipping slowly or the situation at work becomes to unbearable, then you get them.  They are rare.  So when you feel like you are losing the war, know that your very own diamond day is very, very close.  It will be unexpected, it will be blissful.

We should celebrate these days.  We should diarise them, we should cast them in concrete and place our palms firmly in them, so that the memory will last forever.  So we can create our own memory boulevard and announce to everyone that this is My-day, the whole day!  To be reminded when you are in the storm and the waves crash with fury and the wind bellows unforgivingly, these days exist and they will appear when you need them most.

Here’s wishing all my readers a DIAMOND DAY too, today.

3 thoughts on “Diamond days

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