Everyone does it

Travelling to work on this bright, sunny Monday morning, something occurred to me.

It might have been hearing Brandi Carlisle soaring through “The Story” or the impatient driver who hooted at the pedestrian, crossing the street a little too slow.  It may have been the countless cars manoeuvring through traffic lights and stop streets, congesting MY way to work.  Why can’t people find their own routes to drive on? Yeez.

In all these cars there were people, big and small, fat and tall, male and female.  All of them, just like me, with a life, a purpose and a destination.  Rushing somewhere to catch the clock and be on time, for work, for school, for whatever.  All of us are doing it, some with more success than others, but we are all trying our best to make a living.

Each of those people driving around has a favourite song, one that will make them pump up the volume.  They all have a movie that they can watch over and over again.  They have a favourite meal, combined with that special movie, creating a perfect night out.

We all have a birthday, and a fond (or not) memory linked to each one.  We are all somebody’s children and hated our parents at some point.  Most of us are parents and we will end up doing something that will annoy our kids.

We all worry about finances, budgets, the economy and the rising cost of living.  We all have to work. (But that’s Eve’s fault 😉 )  And we all have to eat, drink and wear clothes. (At least in public.)  We all need a roof over our heads to protect us against the cold and the rain and the other tantrums of Mother Nature.

We all have good days, bad days and a few  I-want-to-murder-someone days.  We all need Diamond days.

We all laugh, we all cry, we all want to find love and all of us need to be loved.  We all have feelings, experience emotion.  We all need joy and we all feel sad.  Most of us have friends and families we cherish.  We all experience loss and grief during our lifetime.  We were all born, we all grow up and we will all die.

In a nutshell, every living person on the face of this planet are only human.  Mortals rushing through life and fighting for our little piece of heaven, a small place to catch a glimpse of the sun.  Even just five seconds of fame.  We all do it.  We all live.

Every single person you see driving or walking or jogging or complaining or laughing or crying has their own story to tell.  Each one fights their own battles, carries their own burdens and worries, are chasing their own demons, hiding skeletons in closets.  (Some even get out of closets.)  But they all seek happiness and serenity and peace and joy.  Striving to be the best that they can be.  Just like you and me.

So how about cutting other people a little bit more freaking slack, why don’t you?  How about showing the littlest, tiniest bit of compassion?  How about re-adjusting your own tolerance level and patience threshold?

Even if it is just for today.  Just imagine for a moment, if everyone does it.

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