Man vs Woman vs Rock concert

Driving to work this morning, I couldn’t stop smiling.  Fortunately I had ears, so it prevented the smile from going all around my face and then letting the top part of my skull fall off with a dud.

The reason for this elated smile, is due to fact that life threw me a bone.  Or maybe I should say Bon Jovi decided to visit that “other continent” for a change, and I got me some tickets…YEAH BABY! P1060801

What is very interesting is how different men and women experience the excitement of a rock concert.  Maybe I should clarify, the study was based on the level of my excitement compared to the non-excitement of the wife.  But in order to stay true to the title of this post, I conducted some random checks on mates and colleagues, to ensure I give a proper analysis.  What was astounding is that the wife and I seem to be a very good representation of males and females who has moved into the age group of 35+.

So we got the tickets, and the first question raised was whether we got seated tickets.  To be honest, I didn’t even know that one would be able to get seated tickets.  IT. IS. A. ROCK. CONCERT!  My mind’s eye has pumping masses with lighters (or cell phones) waiving to the tune of “Bed of roses”.  Crowds singing the words of “It’s my life” back to the stage.  Who would want to remain seated then?  I am convinced that the  guys in the cheap seats are hating me right now, for having a standing ticket.  As a matter of fact we are slightly annoyed at our internet connection for preventing us from getting golden circle tickets.

Then there is the weather.  Now if I had the choice, I would have liked to whisper into the ear of Jon Bon Jovi that summer is a lot more pleasant in our neck of the woods, and that we actually have the opposite kinda weather to the Northern hemisphere.  But since I don’t know him on a personal level, I have to take what he gives.  And if that is a concert in winter, I will damn well take it, and I will put on my jacket and be happy.  The problem is that rain is forecasted for tomorrow.  The wife is less than happy.  She did ask me if she could take an umbrella along.  IT. IS. A. ROCK. CONCERT!  I did my best not to generate a sarcastic reply, but the bottom line is that I don’t see a thousand pink umbrellas working in a crowd of screaming people.  So I just looked at her.

Then there is the issue of waiting in the queue.  It only dawned on her yesterday that we will have to arrive early to secure a good place in the queue that will allow the best standing spots, on which she replied: “Well if we got seated tickets we wouldn’t have to wait in line”.  We were back at the chairs.  OMG.  Her comment is valid, but waiting in the queue is half the fun. IT. IS. A. ROCK. CONCERT!  It’s about inhaling the atmosphere, the vibe, the tangible excitement, the beer.  (OK, we don’t inhale beer in this country, but you know what I mean.)

And then she mentioned that if we are too close to the stage the noise might be a bit much.  Well my darling dearest…IT.IS.A.ROCK.CONCERT!

The final concern is the fact we live about three hours away from Johannesburg, where the concert will take place, so obviously we will have to drive there, spend the night and drive back.  My wife enjoys driving as much as one would enjoy a root canal without anaesthetic.  So she grumpily added this complaint to her growing list of concerns she has with my rock concert.

Before you judge her.  She never like Bon Jovi as much as I did.  She basically agreed to go with me because I agreed to go with her to Roxette last year.  It is all about give and take.  But in order to validate her complaints, I have checked with other females, of the same age group, randomly talking about my concert.  Yes, it has now become mine… Most of the replies were, “O no, do you know that they predict rain?  You better take a warm jacket and an umbrella.”  and then “Oh my, standing tickets?  Isn’t the concert more than two hours long?  You are going to be so tired.  And your poor wife.   Does she want to go?” And so on and so on.

So I checked with guys, offering them a possible ticket for the concert.  The reaction was astounding, they started fighting amongst themselves as who is more deserving of my brotherly love and when I didn’t react they started promising me alcohol, money, their wives and houses.  In that order.

I love my wife, and I am dragging her along to Bon Jovi, for I know this will be the greatest experience of her life, even though she just doesn’t know or expect it yet.

And me, to quote my son “It’s gonna be awe…”

5 thoughts on “Man vs Woman vs Rock concert

  1. You might be living in a prayer as far as the wife’s concerned but hopefully you won’t go down in a blaze of glory. I’m seeing them in Dec when they hit Australian shores.


    • Got back today, and I must warn you in advance when they hit Australia….It is going to be awesome!!! And it didn’t rain, and the wife had a blast…

      All great and good after a brilliant concert. So, Have a nice day!!


      • So it was not slippery when wet? I can’t wait, being of the same vintage as your good self, they were BIG when I was growing up. Jon definitely could have lay me down in a bed of roses when I was in my teens.


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