Laughter is the best medicine

P1000905aI laugh often.
I laugh at myself.
I laugh at my wife.
I laugh with my wife.
I laugh with my friends.
I laugh because of my friends.
I laugh because my children needs to see me laugh.
And I make damn well sure they see me laughing often.

If laughter really caused a six-pack then I could have been built like Ryan Reynolds in any movie since Blade: Trinity.  It doesn’t, believe me.

But it does pick me up, it lifts me up by the back of my neck and shakes me out and any worries that might be lying scattered on the floor.  Laughter grabs my soul and shoves it into the stratosphere. It’s my drug, and I have OD’d a few times.  My blood/laughter ratio is probably not measurable at this point.  The problem is I constantly need my next fix.  In moments where laughter seems inappropriate or unprofessional, I will look for the cracks, the loop holes, the little opportunities to brighten the day, or at least force through a smile.

The sound of laughter is the echo’s of positive thinking. A child’s laughter is the definition of joy. The laughter of my own children is like summer rain, drenching into the foulest mood, sprouting joy and life. My wife’s laughter stirs my soul, it penetrates my being and enforces my love. It’s music for my heart.

Life is funny enough to supply countless moment of hilarity.  You need to remember what tickles your funny bone, you need to remember what brings joy, as it is different for everyone, but you need it because…

There are moments when life pushes you around, a bully on the playground.  And you might find your bravery and optimism failing you, tired of holding your fists up, those times when you just walk away bruised and hurt.

And other times you might feel like a survivor on a raft, escaping an island only to be stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With waves crashing violently against your feeble construction, threatening, to first dismantle and then sink what’s left of it.

Or when you feel like part of a crowd that’s fighting for the only exit when the building is ablaze. And you have lost your sense of direction and there is danger everywhere and you are left to fend for yourself when everyone around you is screaming and shouting and desperately seeking their loved ones.

Those moments when life steals your joy, placing it in a bottle of formaldehyde, keeping it on display as a memory of what you were.  Then you must fall back on the places and memories and reasons to laugh.  You must break that bottle and empty it with one swig.

Know that laughter will save you.  And when you can’t laugh, when you battle to break the lid, surround yourself with people who can, for they will teach you, they will infect you and you WILL laugh again.  Laughter is a healer, a comforter, a change agent, a positive injection, a mind wiper, a re-programming tool, a great companion and a life changer.

Laughter is all that is good and pure and blissful in this world. It is absolutely awesome.  It’s my medicine. My daily tonic, but more than that; it’s my anti-depressant when I find myself in the darker moments of life, like we all do from time to time.

7 thoughts on “Laughter is the best medicine

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  2. Well said and absolutely true. I can’t image a life without laughing out loud every day, and I feel blessed that my wife is often the reason for it. Surrounding yourself with genuinely funny people who understand the value of humor will bring more happiness than any amount of money or possessions. Unless you’re actually possessed by someone really funny…


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