The first time ever I saw your face

Newcastle night (4) copy

Ah dad...

It was a normal winter’s day for most people, the first one of June 2000.  We all made it through the millennium scare.  Remember that?  The worries of having food available beyond 31 December 1999, as if carrots and beans will join a revolution and decide to stop growing, whilst all the cows and sheep keel over and die, just to ruin our meat supply.  Humanity survived besides it wasn’t anything serious like a meteorite or other Apocalyptic threat, that scare only came in 2012…

Somewhere on the Southern tip of Africa a solemn couple were packing two bags.  The one bag contained normal stuff; pyjamas, toiletries, a few magazines and a pair of comfy shoes.  The other bag had all things blue.  More specifically, small and blue.  All freshly pressed… and smelling of spring flowers.  New-born-thing-a-ma-jiggies.  Creams and pacifiers and more creams and nappies, enough to make the CEO of Johnson & Johnson have pleasant dreams for a year.

This couple, me and the…

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