Versatile blogger… Who, me?


Who knew?  Got the ping back and blinked twice in order to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.  Checked my diary immediately to ensure it’s not a delayed April fool’s joke.  It turned out not to be one, so I am hugely grateful to Miss Thanksamillion over @ mummyflyingsolo who nominated me for this Versatile blogger award.  My first one, and like we all know, first times are the best.  No not really.  Practise makes perfect.  Bottom line I am extremely flattered and now there is some work to do.  I have to list seven random things about myself.  Here goes:

I’m a man, living in South Africa, married to a beautiful wife, have two ama-zing kids, one gay french poodle, I write, sleep and eat.  In that order.  Oh shit that’s eight.  I hate it when I babble…

Only kidding!  As a token of my gratitude for this award, here are seven things few people know about me.

1. I always wanted to write, never had the guts to do it, but it was my brother-in-law who finally convinced me to start this year.  And thereby changing my daily existence.

2. I have more than 200 Marvel lead figurines in a collection that I started just before humans invented fire.

3. I have visited more than 30 different countries in the last seven years.  Some of them more than once.

4. I have a twitter account with an astonishing 14 12 followers.

5. I snore.  Sometimes.  Well technically only when I drink wine, ok, maybe when I drink too much wine.  Which occur sometimes.  Then I snore.

6. I am considered to be mentally challenged by some of my friends for waking up every morning @ 05h00 to go the gym.  I’m not, I was tested recently.

7. I don’t really like cats, because I have some insecurities about being needed and do not handle it well when someone tells me “Go to hell” using body language only.

Thanks again for the nomination and I am returning the favour by listing a few recent discoveries I consider worth mentioning:

Pics from somewhere

300 stories




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