Newsflash #13: On excepting awards

I’ve now been in this country for thirteen years, since I was seventeen. So this is my second home.

Hakeem Olajuwon

I have to confess something.  I have to apologize to the wonderful gals at  and

who nominated me for a few awards.  I am only thanking them now, hence my embarrassment and apology.  My dad would be disappointed if he knew, for he didn’t raise cavemen.  He taught me that if any other blogger nominates you for an award, it is your duty, no, it’s your predetermined destiny to thank them.  (My dad was very much ahead of his time in the eighties, and he had vision)

The only excuse I have, and here’s hoping dad never reads this cause I will get a slap in the face for using an excuse, but the reality is that contrary to other people on this network who claim they earn money through blogging…well I do not.  Not a penny, zilth, nada.  It would be very cool if someone would pay me to write and would pay me enough to sustain the wife’s my lifestyle.  That would be so much fun that it would probably be illegal and considered a sin in some twisted cult somewhere.

So yes, I have a normal job.  A job that takes me away from the things I love for short periods of time, things like blogging and watching movies.  Oh yes and the family as well.

Without further ado, or before I receive another pesty e-mail from a customer, here’s going through the motions.

1. Show the logo’s of the awards.

Bouquet of Three Award and and

Cupcake4 and yes I was surprised too.

2. Mention (and thank, yes dad!) the people who nominated you.

To the ladies who nominated me, I would like to offer loads of gratitude and appreciation to the extent that the sheer volume would turn your houses into the next episodes of Hoarders.

3. Mention seven things about yourself.

It’s really difficult when you haven’t sky-dived from the Empire State building, haven’t conquered the Seven Peaks or have never navigated the Amazon blindfolded to list seven things that would interest other people.  So here’s the basic stuff.

  • Favourite type of underwear: Boxers
  • Weirdest food ever eaten: Kangaroo, only did this so my rugby slogan of “I eat Wallabies” is actually true!
  • First kiss: At fifteen and it involved tongue.
  • Pet hate: People who drive to slow, guys who drop weights in a gym, Lady Gaga and douchebags
  • Guilty pleasures: Eighties music, Zombie novels and wine. Lots and lots of red wine.
  • Greatest love: My wife…my blog…my wife…my blog.  Decisions, decisions… OK my wife.
  • Biggest achievement: Hit that one twice by the way, birth of my kids.

4. Nominate a few other blogs you feel worthy of said award.

Every single blog I follow deserves a nomination because I only follow excellence, but that list is extremely long.  A cop out?  Yes I know, but I am seeing 27 unread e-mails.  And we need to buy a fridge.

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