Secret revealed: Why Pixar used the mind of a girl for their new movie.

The jumping desklight company, Pixar, is currently busy making another animated movie that occurs inside the mind of a little girl.  It’s called Inside Out and is planned for a 2015 release.  The characters in the movie would be different emotions in the mind of the little girl.  With the voice talent of Amy Poehler as Joy and Lewis Black as Anger it is a unique concept that I would be very keen on seeing.  I am not sure which emotions will be voiced by Neil Patrick Harris and John Lithgow, but it can only get interesting.  You can read what little info I have here and here.

But the whole premise of the movie made me think, to use the words of Brain in his daily conversations with Pinky: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Yes, I do like to take a time-out once a week and meditate on issues that affects the world we live survive in.  Important stuff like: “Why did the film makers decide on the mind of a little girl?” There are obviously a lot more options they could have explored.

I did some research and came upon a transcript of conversations between the creative team behind the movie during one of their initial brain storming sessions before the initial pitch of the movie.  They were discussing the various angles they could use.  I decided to summarise their conclusions so I can spare you all a few sleepless nights.

The Mind of a man: No.  It won’t work as men can only do one thing at a time, thus making the movie really boring.  Answers like “Yes dear”, and “Umh” does not make for entertaining 3D viewing.  And as there would be no images of the pectoral muscles, six-packs or designer stubble from Henry Cavill of Matthew McConaughey, most woman (and a few men) wouldn’t be interested.  Nothing exciting would ever happen, unless there would be a situation where the man can watch sport 24 hours of the day.  Then only would ‘Anger’, ‘Joy’, ‘Excitement’ and ‘Aggression’ end up with some screen time.  And where on earth can a man watch sport for the whole day? (If you know, please mail me @ pieterk…)

The mind of a woman: No way!  It’s way too complicated.  We’re not making a French Arthouse picture which no one understand, it’s just a little animated movie.  There will have to be a gazillion characters running around in the same scene, all speaking at the same time.  ‘Love’ and ‘Appreciation’ will drive all other reasoning and plot developments.  Then at some point during the course of the movie enter the letters P, M and S and all hell will break loose.  Everyone will be asked to act totally different and  ‘Anger’ will be recast as ‘Fuck off’ and ‘Sadness’ will evolve into ‘Sobbing’.  The subtitles of the French movie will disappear.  And no one in the audience will know why, except other woman.

The mind of a teenage boy – Shit, no way, this will never be allowed by the studio execs.  It will just become animated porn with ‘Sex’ being the only character appearing in an abyss of empty space.  ‘Hunger’ will be omnipresent but will only appear when ‘Sex’ is sleeping.  ‘Joy’ and ‘Pride’ might appear randomly but will sit quivering in the shadow of ‘Sex’ as the beast is unleashed onto the world.  And fathers around the globe will buy shotguns and other forms of artillery.

The mind of a teenage girl – Maybe this could work.  But who wants to see an animated movie where the characters are limited to ‘Sadness’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Leave-me-alone’, ‘Shopping’ and “What-you’re-looking-at’?   It would be a depressing Breakfast club and in this version no one will be walking across the field at the end with a fist in the air looking proud to the lyrics of “Don’t you forget about me.”  In this version there will be a victory banner held by a bunch of cheerleaders with a girl power tune blasting by Rihanna or Pink or the Spice Girls.  And they will be standing on the not-so-dry dreams and shattered hearts of a million teenage boys.

The mind of a boy – Ah, this has potential, wait…No it doesn’t.  Mainly because most little boys battle with the same condition as their adult counterparts, having a limited capacity to concentrate on more than one thing.  If it’s not insects, a ball, or playstation’s Modern Warfare 3 they could not be bothered. There would be nothing interesting in a script as ‘Excitement’ and “Joy’ are constantly interchanging scenes with “Hunger’ and ‘Sleep’. There would be moments where ‘Joy’ will appear as a mime; while ‘Sleep’ has a crucial scene, but that’s all.

So that ‘s how the producers at Pixar got stuck with setting the movie inside the mind of a little girl for it was the only option left to them.

And for the record I did send them an e-mail offering my mind as the backdrop for their movie, but they replied by saying that their intention was not to make a short film.

All I can say is “Umh”.

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