Small things that make great days awesome ones.


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Doom and gloom belongs in a Zombie film or other apocalypse fiction.  It’s got no business messing with my life.  I don’t like reading “real” news and I have barricaded my social structure with uplifting, funny life-loving people.  Negativity it something I avoid like the plague.  It’s like having protective, conscientious sex, only with your emotions.  Be careful who you share it with.  Pick your battles.

The bottom line of the opening paragraph is that I seek humour in most things, and I try to make the people around me smile.  I’m not Captain Happy, Jim  Carrey or the World’s Richest Man, so I’m stuck with more conventional methods like kindness, a joke here and there and common decency.  I do, like most normal human beings, lose my temper, (relatively often) but I try and find it just as quickly.  I speak out about my frustrations and concerns and thus refuse to let them boil and stir like some dark witches brew in the pits of my soul.

Life is far from perfect, but sometimes, just sometimes small things appear and they transform a great day into an awesome one.  Small arbitrary, useless, not worth mentioning things that pops up unexpectedly and lifts your spirit right next to the orbiting space station.  Here’s 10.

1. Waking up before your alarm echoes and you can switch if off before hearing that bone shrieking cry from the dark side.  And you lie in silence and smile victoriously like you’ve just discovered a cure for cancer.

2. Feeling the arm of your loved one on your chest, getting that realisation of being loved and loving someone stirring in your being.  Just having a marvellous companion on this hectic journey.

3. Going to the Gym with the pre-workout timed perfectly so that when you start doing a squat you feel like an ant who can lift trees.  And the added bonus of understanding the difference between the feeling and the reality of execution.

4. Getting busy and leaving gym slightly late, driving home with the speed of sound and finding every. single. traffic. light. green.  It’s a suburban highway opening just for me, like those corny SUV adverts you find everywhere.  And at that time of the morning traffic cops are still snuggling wives everywhere. (I assume their own.)

5. Feeling like a million bucks after a great workout, laughing at the Age-demon who is hiding in every single cake you have ever gotten on your birthday and who grows bigger every year.

6. Listening to “It’s a beautiful day” from Michael Buble, who’s theme of screw-you-baby-I’m-happy is unfortunately lost to most people.  (Don’t understand what I mean?  Just listen to the lyrics next time you hear the song)

7.  Getting home and the wife made coffee, and with your continuous streak of perfect timing the temperature is like the baby bear’s porridge. Just right.  As a consumer of black coffee, one always run the risk of scorching your tongue, making cheese and apples taste exactly the same for the rest of the day.

8. The wife smiling and not mentioning the fact that you’re late from gym, thus accepting you missed the wake-up routine of the kids which entails a LOT of motivation, encouragement and the ultimate threats to get their angelic butts out of bed.

9. Both kids bubbling enthusiastically about arbitrary things like what they’ll be doing at break and how Suzie’s sandwiches only has peanut butter on, and how mum puts so much more care in packing their lunches and how Timmy will be batting for the first time today and that it’s not certain if that’s a good choice and how the new song from One Direction is so amazing and check this move Dad, and can you help me with this suitcase and and and.  And my head doesn’t blow up at all.

10. Getting that kiss and hug with suitcase in hand enforcing #2.

All in all, an awesome morning and I’m trusting my whistling good fortune will continue for the rest of the day.  And it’s gonna be a challenge, for I have a budget to do.

Sometimes small things have the ability to change your perspective on life, or tweak your perception of a specific situation.  The trick is to be aware of those moments, to seek them passionately and celebrate when we find them.  We do indeed have so much to be grateful for.  Let’s focus on that.

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