First off, this is a South African band. It’s evident from these three ladies that we do country, and we do it hot and well. This clip provides stimulation for your hearing and optical senses…


Whaaaaatt!! 300 followers!!

But like most of my music posts, it’s about the lyrics. It’s about feeling good today.  And I feel great today!  I’ve hit 300 followers!!  Are you frigging kidding me? 300?  This is getting intoxicating.  I’m battling to type, for I’m having a mental orgasm repeating the number 300 in my head… Thank you to all the awesome people out there!

Getting back to the song.  The lady credits her cheerful mood on a guy, which is kinda obvious, for we men are awesome, but the message I get from it, is somewhat different.  It’s about how people can make you happy.  Or not.  It depends on who we allow in our lives, for the ones we choose are meant to give us great days. It’s about selecting those people who can provide something to increase your general well-being.  These privileged few should have energy and positivity and attitude and humour and love and money, yes lots of money.

Once you’ve establish who these VIP are, just cut the crap. You have two choices.  Either lose the ones that bring you down or if you can’t lose them, like family members or children, then do something else.  Be their inspiration, be their trigger for having a good day.  Yes, be THAT guy.  That annoying, bouncing, cheerful, happy person infecting everyone around you with a smile.

Come to think of it, one should not even have a choice.  We shouldn’t go for the easy option, we should never cut the crap.  We should aim to inspire the crap and flip it around and use it, like fertiliser.    We all need to strive to be the kind of people from whom others can source elements of inspiration and greatness.

For just imagine what the world would be like if all of us aim to make days better for each other.

I feel good today

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