Turning Grey

I am turning grey at the speed of an eagle who suddenly lost its ability to fly, falling straight out of the sky and bouncing twice, hitting the ground.

One moment everything was fine and dandy.  The colour pigment maintaining my mouse-brown hair was happily cruising along, doing what it’s suppose to.  Then there was a sudden revolt and the pigment decided unanimously to down tools and walk out.  And it’s not like I  was treating it badly, I washed and conditioned daily.  I even rinse and repeat if the instructions are clear enough on the bottle.

Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m over it and extremely grateful that I still have a full head of hair.  My hairdresser has suggested numerous hairstyles to soften the effect i.e hide the grey, (even colouring it!!!) but it’s summer, it’s hot and I don’t want to use a hairdryer anymore.  So I went all GI Joe on my head last week.  Ok, maybe not full GI Joe, maybe more like that other guy from ER…

As a guy I actually don’t give a shit of what other people’s opinions might be about my hairstyle.  Add to that our keen sense of observation, then it might come as a surprise when I noticed some of my daughter’s friends giving me a double take yesterday.   But my fractional surprise broke into full-on amusement when I eavesdropped on this conversation last night:

Princess: Mom, the girls at school were really mean today.

Mom: Why? What did they do?

Princess: They were saying things about dad.

Mom: Really?  What did they say?

Princess: They were laughing at his grey hair.

Mom (seriously smiling): Why would they laugh at Dad’s grey hair?

Princess: They’re saying I’m the one responsible for giving it to him.

I laughed for a very long time.  So did the wife.

Bottom line I now have an excuse.  Turning grey has nothing to do with hitting the final straight in the race of reaching forty, it’s just a symptom of parenting.



Princess, if by any chance you end up reading this one day, please note it’s not you, nor is it your brother who causes my grey hair.  You two are actually my personal fountain of youth.  You guys are my magic potion and tonic for enjoying life and embracing every single second I have with you.  My grey hair was inevitable.  And sexy.  (As per mom.)

22 thoughts on “Turning Grey

  1. Grey hair ain’t nothing. Just wait till you’re in the shower and you don’t know which bottle is the shampoo, which bottle is the conditioner and which bottle is your daughter’s peroxide – because you can’t wear your reading glasses in the shower. A great posting!


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