If musicians were superheroes then Kanye West would be Captain Dick and Nicki Minah would be Powergirl.  Can you see the resemblance?


I never do any sit-ups. Don’t need them. My core is strong.

I’m chilly…

And Christina Aquilera would be the Banshee.  You know the X-man who has evolved vocal chords, thereby having the ability to fly on sound waves, has radar sense and cast of his enemies with one of his screams, aka sonic blasts.  (Which I’ve also seen executed, quite effectively, by my grade 9 teacher as well)  So this is not meant as a compliment.  In some of her songs, this girl let’s rip and screams like a crazed lunatic, trying her best to get that gold medal for vocal gymnastics only she knows about.  I hate it.

Then I heard this song.  I was impressed, which is stating the obvious, as I’m blogging about it now.  And with the flood of music and movies being released it takes a lot to impress me these days.  Maybe it’s my cynicism surfacing or the fact that I’m only two weeks away from annual leave, implying that I’m overworked and underpaid for the last-minute shit I need to deal with.  Whatever the reason, things don’t impress me much.  Unless it’s a superhero movie or something amazing like this song. (Do I sound like an old fart?)

First off, this song includes some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while and it will release streams of emotion, even if they’re not visible flooding your cheeks.  It touches places, for we have all been there, hopeless in silence.  (Especially when there is a disagreement with the wife and there’s video with no audio, if you know what I mean.)

The vocal performances are truly amazing, especially the Banshee.  And the reason for my amazement is due to the fact that she actually contributes to this song, matching the melody note for note.  She left her vocal back-flips and jumping-air-splits at home.  (Maybe she’s exhausted after losing all that weight, for she looks pretty good, have to say.)  Anyway, she does extremely well in harmonizing with A Great Big world, which is the name of the band, and not a sarcastic take on the guy singing here.  She never wails or sounds like a nightingale on heroine.  She just sings.  And that impressed me for I really didn’t know she could.  I mean, only sing.

Truth be told, I know she has a brilliant voice, but I’m still bitter over the fact that she stole the Grammy for Best New Artist from Britney so many years ago.  I mean who would you vote for:


or this?

I know, right?  But in this song she’s proven me wrong.  She proven that she can actually sing a duet, without trying to steal the spotlight right from under the person who invited her to join in the first place.  So good on you Christina…

I’m saying something

12 thoughts on “I’m saying something

  1. They performed this on The Voice a couple of weeks ago & I too, thought, THIS is the Christina I like to hear! Such a beautiful song with a very strong message. Thanks for sharing:) Oh, & by the way, if you’re an old fart, I am a relic! Keep on keepin’ on;)


  2. For someone who’s a decade older than I am (I think…either way, I’m pretty sure you have memories from the 1970’s, whereas my only experience with that decade is going through pictures of when my dad still had hair)…anyway, for someone who’s been around longer than I am, you’re indeed quite up to speed on who’s hot and who’s not these days.
    But if may share my humble opinion: I do think Christina was a more impressive newbie than Britney;)


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