Happy Birthday Dude.

I know, I’m referring to myself in the third person, which by all accounts would be enough evidence for my wife to have me committed.  She’s always maintained that I look rather dashing in white.   But I’m doing it because I’m cool, I’m special and I love everybody.  And it’s all because of this little notification…with a logo and everything…

You registered on WordPress.com 1 year ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So maybe I’m not that special.  Maybe I don’t love everybody, but I know I love at least 331 more people than I did one year ago.  (Has it been one year already?)  Wow, that is the proof I needed to understand that time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.  Most of those 331 people will understand that starting this blog didn’t just change my life, it revamped my soul.  It was an extreme makeover of the mind, and I’ve been screaming “Move that bus” daily.  The fascinating thing is that I’ve been seeing the rooms of my presumed creativity being revealed in the most amazing ways.

We write because we like too.  Sorry, that was blatantly offensive.  We write because we love too.  And I write not expecting anyone to really read the stuff that flood Tsunami-like onto the screen.  I never anticipated the response I received am receiving from the community on this site.  It’s been to say the least, mind-blowing.  Like 40 tons being dropped on the world largest whoopee-cushion.

I am semi-intelligent enough to understand that I’m just another one out of a million other smucks  (and I use this as an endearing term) who’s writing away on a daily/weekly/ad hoc basis, praying for Freshly Pressed, sending our cautionary, edited, entertaining, serious, offensive, inspirational, humorous, opinionated, deep, light-hearted, poetic, creative posts and pics blindly into nothingness.  To only realise later that it’s not an empty abyss, but a treasure chest of the most astonishing writers and photographers.

I would like to thank WordPress for being my platform, my keyboard for being the microphone, and every single person standing in the crowd below, giving me the confidence, not just to keep going on, but cheering me on to become a better writer.

And last but not least.  Thanks to Son and Princess for being my joy and inspiration, who supply my creative steroids in bucket loads to ensure I keep on running.  And then to my wife, my love, my life, my everything….  Thanks for letting me have those countless hours in front of the computer screen, where I was typing away frantically.  Thanks for providing the funny and in so doing; making our home the best place on earth.

Here’s to another year!

28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dude.

  1. Well – I initially thought it was going to be a posting about a son or daughter’s birthday. Instead it was about what it is about. Well done! Happy first commemoration day! Now where was I? You have a flair: keep it up and thanks for sharing. No matter what – what you’re doing for your kids is a great thing. NEVER delete even if it comes to adversity. They might move on – but then they will come back to discover how lucky they are. (My experience, not yours!)


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