Pobody’s Nerfect

People disappoint.  It is a sad reality.  Get over it.

This is NOT a spelling error but a life lesson.

This is NOT a spelling error but a life lesson.

Modern civilization is bombarded by images of perceived perfection.  A warzone of body image and biceps and popularity and wealth and self righteousness and a shitload of other incoherent ammunition, attacking our fragile minds.   And even if we lay low, deep in the trenches, playing dead or worse; there is no way of avoiding the expectation that perfection is something achievable.

With so many Superheroes flying around, musicians having success after a few YouTube likes and a thousand Photo shopped celebrities gracing every cover of every piece of trash people are willing to buy, why would we NOT believe it?

But alas, it’s a deceitful and distorted reality which we are brainwashed into believing.  A fantasy.  A Utopian landscape filled with lies and fake boobs.  Or maybe just lies.

Wikipedia teaches us that

“Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.” 

Which, by definition, disqualifies any human.  Or rather, EVERY human.  Your Mom, your Dad, your teacher, your friend, your colleagues, Oprah, the Pope.  *gasp* (Did he just say Oprah?)

No living person is without flaws.  Even dead ones made mistakes.  And most people, oddly enough, learn this the hard way.  They’re disappointed because someone didn’t do or say the thing we expected them to do or say.  They didn’t fit the paradigm we placed them in.  And our foundation crumbles.  We’re heartbroken when we realise they’re not what we wanted them to be.  Or we give up when we realise a mistake was made.

But that’s silly.  Actually more like full-ass idiot.  For even Superman has kryptonite.  And Kim Kardashian has her husband.  And Miley Cyrus…, well she’s got Miley, but everyone on this planet has a flaw.  Which is why *insert drum-roll* we call people, people.

To be without flaws, would imply you’re always going to do the right thing.  You’re never going to fail.  You’re always going to deliver on the expectation other people have of you.  And frankly my dear, that is impossible.  It’s unrealistic, an illusion.

Every decision you make, will annoy someone, somewhere.  It’s called choice.  And when you have two options to choose from, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Or wrong.

People are to diverse.  People are to opinionated.  People are to judgemental.  People are to narrow-minded.  Pick any reason, as they all explain why no-one will agree with every decision you make in life. God made us to His liking, but also gave us free will.  Which mean we’re screwed.  The stage is set for potential disappointment/failure.

In the end, perfection is an unachievable goal for us mere mortals, which doesn’t mean we should sit in a heap and cry.  (Self-pity is not what I was going for here.  Think happy thoughts.)

Accepting one’s imperfection might be the key that unlocks the door to achieving greatness.

By making mistakes and learning from them, you’re working towards a better version of yourself.  Not a perfect one.  An improved one.

So get to work and remember…Pobody’s nerfect.

15 thoughts on “Pobody’s Nerfect

  1. Now this I like! I mean I really, really like this. You know, as much as I enjoy your humour…I think you’ve got quite something here in the more serious writings……


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