Things that blow my mind

My mind is an erratic pendulum.  My posts are a perfect reflection of this reality.  Swinging  between topics, opinions and stories like a slut naked girl on a wrecking ball.  In some cases my mind even attempts making out with a sledgehammer.  Ridiculousness. I’m never 100% sure what the final version of a post will be until I get to the end.

The idea for my musings was born from a desire to capture pieces of me in stories for my kids.  That was then.  Now its sooooo much more.  It is me. Writing.  And that is awesome.

I find myself sitting or lying or walking or working (ok, that doesn’t happen often) or playing; when random ideas pop into my conscious/unconscious mind and I’m driven to write.  Now, I find myself going through life, observing more, feeling more, appreciating more.  Arbitrary things become bursts of inspiration setting of my imagination in a desperate sprint. The only limit is having to type with six fingers, i.e slowly.

With that being said, there are a few things in our world that doesn’t make any sense to me.  Things that’s too strange or advanced or amazing for me to fully comprehend.  Things that blow my mind.  Like…

1. Fax machines.  If you’re unsure what this is, you were born after the turn of the millennium.  It was a piece of equipment used by gladiators and nobleman alike.  You take a piece of paper, dial a number, then scan the document through the fax machine and ta-da! an exact replica of the document would appear on the other side of that frigging telephone line!  Yes, it sort of like an e-mail, only slower with hard copies and a connection tone so high, it makes puppies cry.

2. Mobile phones.  Yes, I know.  I have moved on to higher level technology without being able to understand pre-dated technology.  Welcome to middle age.  Has anyone given thought of the fact that when you dial a number on a mobile phone, the signal darts off into space somewhere, finds the right satellite, which then sent that signal right back to earth, or more specific to the phone of the person you need to speak too.  And that implies finding the right phone amongst the trill-gazillion units that’s currently in use.  I know, right!

3. Airplanes.  I’ve been in a few.  They are huge cylindrical monstrosities with tiny wings.  Awkward designs even Superman battled to keep in the air.  There are no logical sense of how they should stay there.  And “there” meaning 33,000 feet up in the sky.  Don’t patronise me, I know about aerodynamics and speed and wind and shit, but even if you’ve heard the explanation it still doesn’t make sense.  If you believe the engineers, then a plane is kept in the air, by air.  Ya sure, and Justin Bieber is a male.  Fortunately for me, I choose to believe in the thousand angels that’s surrounding the Boeing I’m flying in.

4. Touch screen technology.  It is convenient?  Yes.  Does it simplify my life?  Yes.  Does it make any sense? None what-so-effin-ever.  How does a screen know where I’m gonna place my finger and activate one of the million icons scattered amongst websites these days.  It’s not like a calculator where the buttons stay on the same place.  It’s a random selection of options that changes every time you stumble across a new site.  Yes people, the Internet is much more than Facebook and YouTube, you should check it out.

5. But the biggest mindf*ck would be the fact that I’ve reached 1001 followers.  Today. Right here. On this blog.  Who knew?  (Sorry kids, Dad’s been very good during recent months and refrained from f-bombs but this truly deserves one.  Maybe even two. I’ll stick with one.)

I’m slightly perplexed for many things have happened since that very first post in Feb 2013.  I have my own domain with 412 posts, and a shockingly, unbelievable, jaw-droppingly (if only for me) 1,001 followers.  Wait, give me a minute…I’m still processing this… With Ah Dad having 14,227 views and 2,676 comments, I’m allowed a geeky victory dance, high fiving strangers in the street and you know what, THE NEXT ROUND IS ON ME!

My small brain is battling to digest this reality.  Pinch me please, as writing this blog is still the most fun I have with my clothes on.  Which is why I’m contemplating writing it naked.

Thanks to each and everyone who follows this little piece of my world.  To all my commentators, I really, really, really like you.  Because using the word love would be a bit pre-mature, especially if you haven’t met the person face to face and the Wife already thinks I spent a little too much time here.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do, I can’t help myself, for I’m Ah Dad… and it’s been one minute since my last posting.

16 thoughts on “Things that blow my mind

  1. Why do FAX machines still exist? Last year I had to FAX a document and it made me crazy mad. Can’t I just send it as an attachment? No. Why not, because it is too easy? I thought about FAXing a picture of a bomb, but people in the US have lost their sense of humor when it comes to death threats.


  2. Congrats. It’s been fun being a groupie. Please leave the clothes on, and I might consider joining you in a celebratory dance. P.S. I enjoy a good fax.


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