Two decades of love

They were sitting in a light blue Nissan sedan, that had a rope tied to the boot, preventing it from opening erratically, whilst driving.  He was twitching, a little more than usual and clearing his throat, somewhat unnaturally.  The nervous tension was as tangible as the bunch of red roses she was holding.  A minute passed and it was clear that he had a heavy heart as his voice trembled when he finally spoke.

“I know we’ve only met two weeks ago and you don’t really know me yet.  But I was thinking that we might as well get to know one other as a couple, you know, like if we started dating exclusively?  What do you think?”

It wasn’t his most romantic moment and he knew she might consider it to be slightly arrogant.  His words hanged like lead in the intensity of the moment.  She looked at him with her bright turquoise eyes and smiled the most magnificent smile.  And replied with a word that would change their lives forever.  She said “Yes”.

The blue Nissan has since been sold and the roses has long since disintegrated into whatever roses disintegrate to, for that event occurred twenty years ago, today.  A mere two weeks after they had the threesome with a parrot.

The first thing he did after getting our of the car was high-fiving everything that had an arm, whilst she innocently laughed at his antics, the same way she still laughs at him today.  It was the start of a wondrous journey.  A kick-off to a lifetime of love and laughter and amazing memories.

It is a winding road as life changes consistently.  People get older, a few mature and then they developed opinions about new situations, like when kids appear.  They had to learn to compromise on their selfish notions and create new selfless realities.  They succeeded and the result is a weird blend of extremes, a comfortable balancing act of two polar opposites.

Being different makes them stronger.  It makes them wiser.  It makes them interesting.  It made him more patient.  It gave him understanding and compassion.  She simply makes him better.  A better man.  A better father.

The journey is not over, not even by a long shot.  His heart still aches when he’s not around her and soars when they’re together.

The challenges remains, but they are not afraid.  They will deal with them together, one by one, just like they’ve been doing for two decades.

Who knew that those first uncertain words would result in such a mind-blowing relationship?  Who knew that a man can love a woman with THAT much intensity?  Who knew God could provide him with such a perfect fit?  Who knew he would ever be so lucky?

And I really am, extremely fortunate.  And I really do. Love. You.

Even more than I love writing…


25 thoughts on “Two decades of love

  1. My my my…you do have such grand declarations for this paragon of woman you describe…..she is a lucky girl (and you obviously a lucky man)…I wish you many more successful years of balancing, blending, compromising, learning, and loving!


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