Taking Time to Thank Three

I’m busy with Writing 101.  If I knew it was going to be so much work I probably would not have signed up.  I’m not a quitter, just lazy.  And it’s getting serious, having to remember my childhood and shit.

In the midst of my attempt at keeping my normal posts running and also exercising a few mind splits and back-flips in between, I’ve been nominated by three great people for a few awards.  An award is always a huge surprise to me, much like each new follower that joins my world.

The greatest people in my life, today would be:

The Wife – For no reference on greatness may exclude  her ever, as written in our prenuptial agreement.

Mss C over at an Unkept Mind for considering me worthy of an Inspirational Blog award, nogal.  She’s one of my countrymen, so be sure to check her out.  I meant to say her blog.  I don’t know what she looks like.

Kimberley M Ringer and A.Promptreply who has given me the task of replying to their “A Lovely Blog” nomination/s.  Aren’t they nice?  Their blogs definitely are.  Very nice.

The rules of the nominations are simple enough for me to understand and not that different from the Oscars.  Unless of course you take into consideration that it’s not an actual award, I mean in the true sense of receiving an object or something.  You know the kind that you can place on a mantel piece as a conversation starter for all the condescending people in my life.  That is if I had a mantelpiece to begin with, which I don’t.  Leaving me with a non-existent object to place on my non-existent mantel piece.

Getting back to my Oscar.  I first need to acknowlegde the people who nominated me, so thanks to the Academy.  Then I need to list a few things about me, which is like thanking everyone I know at the podium, including a dead guinea pig I never had.  Then lastly nominate other blogs, giving busy people additional stress.

In the spirit of me being honest and giving decent credit to each of the three people who nominated me, I decided to list 24 things about myself that most of you don’t know.  Twenty-frigging-four.  Why that number? Well, mainly because 7+7+10 equals 24.  Please note that this is going to take a while, especially considering I’ve been writing about my life for almost two years now.

  1. I am a happy South African, with no immediate plans to leave the country, especially now that Ebola jumped the Atlantic.
  2. I don’t like everyone, but the bigger surprise is that
  3. Everyone doesn’t like me.  I know, right!
  4. I live in a town called Newcastle,  one of quite a few, but ours being the best of them all!  Cause I said so.
  5. English is actually my second language, which should not really come as a surprise due to my frequent misuse of to and too.
  6. I live in a street that’s named after a big bird.  Not my big bird, just a big bird.
  7. My favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognaise.  (Read “favourite food” as mild addiction.)
  8. I don’t like Kanye West and I have no particular reason why that is.  He just makes my blood boil.  In a bad way.
  9. I’ve never, nor will I ever, bungee jumped, sky-dive or scaled a mountain.  I love being alive more than being dead, not that I’ve experienced the latter.  I’m not a zombie.  Besides if I tried any of those things, and live, the Wife will kill me for doing them.
  10. The Script rocks the shit out of anything and I’ve got tickets to see them.  I like to rub it in, I’m cool like that.
  11. I’m semi-obsessed with T-shirts, as per diagnosis of my wife.  What, is seventy too many?  (Check out the use of too.)
  12. I had, and probably still have, a huge crush on Belinda Carlisle.  And Britney Spears.  And Jennifer Aniston. And my Wife, of course.
  13. Lord of the Rings are the best trilogy ever made.  Period.  The jury is still out on Avatar.
  14. My least favourite city would be Abidjan, which is the capital of the Ivory Coast, as I don’t really enjoy those moments when I’m fearing for my life.
  15. The best city I’ve ever been to would be…uh…let me think…hang on, I’m in an Empire State of Mind, give me time…
  16. It’s also the same place where I barely slept for an entire weekend.
  17. The most fascinating landmark I’ve seen has to be the metal bean in Chicago.  There’s just something about small things.
  18. I’ve eaten parts of a Wallabe.  I’m still not sure which parts they were.
  19. One of the walls in Dude’s room has a huge murial of New York as the wife didn’t want it in our bedroom.  How unfair is she?
  20. Most people I know, don’t know I blog.
  21. I’m reading the “Odd Thomas” series from Dean R Koontz and this allowed me to meet my fictional self.  Or at the very least the person I would like to be if you remove the whole I-can-see-dead-people thing.
  22. Marvel makes the best movies.
  23. I had a Superhero-themed party when I turned forty.
  24. Blogging has changed my life.

There you have it.  Now I would like to pay it forward three times as I was nominated three times.

Here is a lady who makes Giraffes funny.

And here is Scott with his new blog.

And here is my funniest commentator.

Cheers.  I need to work on my assignments.  I fear I’m flunking Writing 101.

Oops, the logos.


Loverly Blog Award

19 thoughts on “Taking Time to Thank Three

  1. I hate photos of myself so I will never post one. I have never and I mean never watched the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I got half through the first one. That’s it. Nice to get to know you better, fellow countrymen (or man- not quite sure 😉 )


  2. Most interesting replies, Pieter, and in your usual form as well! Most interesting that you had a superhero-themed party at 40. Was this wife’s idea or did you treat yourself to this? Also, English is your second language? I will admit I’ve caught a few LITTLE things here and there in your posts, but I actually had no idea! You really seem to be an amazing man. I can honestly say I really do enjoy your blog each and every day. Failing 101 or not, you are an incredibly gifted writer. (Also want to thank you as I just noticed off to the side here that you have highlighted my own recent post. Thanks so much.)


    • There are mistakes!!! OMG, the embarrassment! And here I’m thinking spell checker is covering my tracks!

      An amazing man? I’ll print this comment for future reference.

      Oh and the Superhero-themed party? That’s all me, but I didn’t go as The Amazing Man as I didn’t know I was one, so I went as Superman.

      Thanks for the comment.


      • Well, I think since you’ve done so well taking on English as your second language, the little tiny miniscule mistakes are forgiven automatically. Honestly, I had no idea it wasn’t your first language! Just not something I think about on here, I guess. Superman works, am sure your wife and kids would agree! (Figured it had to be you though….no self-respecting wife would actually plan a superhero party for her husband…..not a party where she would invite anyone else she knew anyway….) 🙂


  3. I am very honored and flattered by the mention, though I’m not sure my blog of three whole posts deserves it. I have to be honest and tell you I don’t know when I will get to respond. Working on publishing this new book has already cut into my blogging and these “award” type posts are much more difficult for me to write than my normal posts.
    But none of that lessens the honor I feel, or my admiration for Belinda’s talents.


  4. So, I went looking for “My funniest commenter” the blog. I hit the link several times, and kept getting transported back to my own blog.
    I got it, eventually.
    Thank you, and I shall respond in kind asap.


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