Don’t worry, I’m not dead

I’m just having the time of my life on my annual holiday where I’m doing nothing for a long as possible.

Doing nothing implies limited access to technology which therefore limit my possibility to blog. It is a sad but an inevitable reality. I have a wife and two kids who have to cope with a blogging dad for the whole year,  so they get two weeks of my full and undivided attention.

*inset bull shit hidden by a loud cough*

I’m blogging now.

The wife thinks it’s  work which paid for this excursion, so she is semi-fine with that. Yes, I know when she reads this I’m slightly more than a little busted. But it’s easier to apologize than to ask permission.   Besides, can you blame me? I need my fix.

Getting back to my vacation…   It’s a time to try new things. And in that spirit, I bought red wines from four wine Estates I’ve never tried before. Number one was excellent.   I’ll keep you posted, but they reckon after the third glass all wine tastes the same anyway. I’m not sure who “they” are.   Hopefully the wine will increase the blood flow to the creative parts of my brain so I can maintain the mediocre standard of this little piece of the internet.

If I don’t post again before Christmas it would be because the wife caught me and threw my smart phone into the pool.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t find out about my little secret.   “I’m coming, love…almost finished with this important mail…”

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful and superbly gifted people who are following this blog.   I’m still amazed every time an e-mail pops up, notifying me of another follower… I’ve mailed the commission cheques, but please don’t start writing hate mail if you never receive them, the South African Postal Service is on strike. Again.

Don’t worry, my plan is to provide all of you with a full breakdown of my South African summer holiday only because it’s awesome and I like to rub the word summer like suntan lotion all across the faces of my North American and European followers.  Because  I like them like sun and ice-cream and cold beer and bronze bikini bodies…

Oh and I’m going to comment under cover…

26 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I’m not dead

  1. Enjoy your holiday – how can we not enjoy our holidays – we live in SOUTH AFRICA. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog – so much appreciated! Have an EPIC festive season.


  2. Miss World 2014 is Rolene Strauss, of South Africa.

    I know you probably had nothing to do with her success. It’s just you’re the only SA I know. Congratulations to your fellow citizen.


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