Got your fix today?

Bloggers are odd people.   We write short versions of random events,  exposing details of our lives to strangers.  And your success would be measured by how many new strangers you can entertain with the weirdness of your daily existence.

Bloggers like to write.  Its the reason why we do what we do.  We’re all driven by a basic desire to put pen to paper, even if we don’t have anything particularly good to write about.  We have to except that not all of the writers in the world can contribute to the library of great, inspiring authors, such as EL James, for example. Authors who give credibility to the art of writing.  Bloggers are just people who use a platform and jot down fantasies or opinions or reviews or experiences.

Sometimes you sit in front of the screen and it just stares back, a blinking cursor begging you to type all over its face.  It becomes a challenge, especially when no-one you know has done anything stupid. Or crazy. Or remotely interesting for a very long time.

Successful blogging implies some kind of schedule and it’s different for every blogger. Some are able to get away with a weekly fix, whilst others are much more dependant on the drug and their addiction forces them to post once a day.  Those unfortunate souls who have early-onset-bloggarism might even feel the need to post more than once per day.  (Most of the older hands understand that it’s nearly impossible to operate on that level indefinitely. Remember, an overdose might kill you…) Other bloggers are even fortunate enough to manage their addiction AND maintain some sort of a normal life, so they get away with posting once a month, or even more shockingly, they’re able to post erratically. *insert gasp and place hand on mouth*

I am somewhere in between all of these extremists.  I manage to maintain my high by posting a few times every week but their must be no confusion on the importance of my daily fix.  I have to read.  I have to write. I have to comment. I have to blog.  I absolutely.  Have. To. Post.

Even if I have nothing to post about. Like today.

My name is Ah Dad and I am a blogger.  And it has been five days since my last post.

15 thoughts on “Got your fix today?

  1. Blogging is one way of expressing my opinion and I have an opinion about just about everything. I can always pretend that someone out there is sitting up to take notice of what I think.


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