Would I lie to you?

I love that show on BBC.  British comedians and other celebrities no-one outside of their country recognise, team up to tell random stories about their lives and it’s up to the opposing team to establish whether these stories are truths or lies.  They are allowed to ask questions revealing detail of the supposed events.  Not only are most of the stories truly bizarre but the witty commentary and unabashed sarcasm makes for a highly entertaining 30 minutes.  Every week. LMFAO.

It’s almost inspiring.

Which brings me to a very good blogging friend, going by the name of Sleeping on the Sofa.  I have mentioned this person SO many times on my blog that I’m convinced he’s about to send me a nice, fat cheque as commission for my effort.  Any day now.  Scott is an establish author with three published books, but what makes him truly special is the fact that he nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, or as I like to call it, The VIBA.  This guy really knows his stuff.

(Who knew this blog was inspiring?  I reckon he just wants to give me a random activity and watch me work.  Like the Wife on a weekend.  Anyhow…)

I’m supposed to display the logo.

Then I’m suppose to list seven things about myself and here is where I’m going into full Ah Dad.. mode.  I’m going to write seven truths, and two lies.  It’s up to you to decide which ones are which.

  1. I puked the first time I attempted to change Dude’s nappy.
  2. I was slapped by a girl in high school, after I told her she had the personality of a pig.
  3. The guy who introduced me and the Wife has since dated a gay-porn star.
  4. I can bench press 200 pounds.
  5. I told Princess that we’re going to stop buying contact lenses, facial cream and instruct the orthodontist never to remove her dentures, so she would be unappealing for boys when she goes to high school.
  6. I might leave my Wife for Britney Spears.
  7. I have been in three motor vehicle accidents and all of them happened on the way to gym, i.e. before 05h00 in the morning.
  8. I used to call my Wife “Babe” when we dated and we got engaged during the movie “Babe”.
  9. My first serious girlfriend cheated on two different occasions and I took her back both times.

Ask yourself this question: Would I lie to you?

Now I’m suppose to nominate seven blogs who I think are worthy of a VIBA.  These are all blogs that make me get up in the morning and they are all certainly more inspirational than yours truly.  These are all sites I visit in order to kill time at work.  Some of them have been sort of quiet lately, maybe this will prompt a post or two.  I miss them.

Duncan’s Nature Photography – Amazing photography that you will end up using as wallpaper.  Without permission.

Epic Gran – A grandma who is everything but the old lady sitting on a porch, knitting scarves.

The Unsimple Life – He says it best, first time dad, first time blog.

Pepper Connection – I think he uses daily prompts and comes up with some amazing stories.

Scott Nagele  – A friend of a friend of a friend who is a published author.

Motivating Giraffe – Cartoons that doesn’t only make you smile, but inspire, every day.

Surgery at Tiffany’s – A surgeon blogging about everything except medical advise.

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to inform them about their nomination, otherwise this would end up as a random post with a list of great blogs.  Pay it forward, people.

23 thoughts on “Would I lie to you?

  1. So I had to take a stab at your untruths!

    #2 – simply because I can’t imagine you calling a girl a pig.
    #4 – you probably can bench press 200lbs but after your last post, I am not so sure!

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  2. No 4 and 6 are lies. Britney far to plastic to leave the wife for.. won’t leave her for anyone/anything. no 2- no 200 lb for you my boy.


  3. True. It has been too long since I posted. The month of March was consumed by a major project at work. (I know, excuses, excuses…)
    Unlike some, I don’t (can’t) blog at work (stupid firewalls). Plus, the project had me working “half days” as in 12-hours long. Not much fresh grey matter left to construct witty stories to entertain all my fans (even you).

    Liked by 1 person

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