How to experience a geekgasm.

Yes, this team is frigging awesome.

Yes, this team is frigging awesome.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is frigging awesome! I have to admit, initially I used a different adjective in the opening sentence but as a parent I need to set some sort of example for the not-so-little-ones.  Every writer knows that in some cases the English language seems inadequate in providing a better word than the good old f-bomb.  Evidently the Wife is better than the English language as she provided a softer alternative…

Not only do I struggle with my general comprehension whilst writing this piece to somehow accurately convey how much I enjoyed the movie, my primal instinct is fighting to take over and force me to watch it again.  It’s like I’m being held hostage by my own desire. This happens when your mind is blown.  When it is scattered into a million pieces all across the Marvel universe.

Josh Whedon made a movie that should become the benchmark of how great movies should be made.  Especially one with a multiple cast. He is to superhero movies what Friends was to sitcoms.  And the cast was outstanding.  Captain was righteous, Hulk vulnerable, Ironman hilarious, Black Widow oozed sex appeal, Thor godlike, The Vision serene and Hawkeye has a back story.  Who knew? Another surprise was the fact that one of the Olsen twins could actually act and hold their own as the Scarlet Witch. Oh and the extremely villainous Ultron who turned out to be a real prick and a scene stealer.

Let’s not fail to mention the million hidden easter eggs in this movie.  Wallmart must have had some huge clear-out sale.  They even brought the action right to my doorstep with an epic battle between Hulk and Veronica in the streets of Johannesburg,  South Africa!

I need to stop writing for I might be tempted to start dropping spoilers and that is not the intention of the post.  It’s how to get a geek-gasm, which by now is pretty evident.  Four easy steps.

1. Buy a ticket for Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

2. Buy some 3D glasses. (Do not bother with popcorn you will forget to eat it.)

3. Sit and be blown away.

4. Wait until the end credits roll.

A warning though: This particular geek-gasm is quite intense so you might want to ease into it and watch the first Avengers movie first.  Words like Wow!, Damn! (and a few others I wouldn’t want to repeat again) will spontaneously explode from your mouth. The thrill will stay with you for two hours (minimum) after you left the cinema and the side-effects might include shock and awe, excessive babbling, shivering, uncontrollable joy and a desperate need to watch the whole movie again.

Reports have surfaced of some people having an urge to go on-line and buy merchandise. Oh, yes, you will flood your social network feeds…All of them.

Just go and watch the movie if you don’t believe me.   But you heard it here first.

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