To our biggest Cheerleader on Mother’s Day.

Would this be considered cheating? Anyhow.

This one goes out to all the Cheerleaders who are consistently cheering and supporting their husbands and children without fail. Being there for us at all times. Being a Mother for men and kids alike. Holding our arms up, providing our every need. Making sure that we keep our shit together. Everyone knows that earth is inhabitable because of the presence of Mothers. Moms keep us grounded and create some stability in the chaos we see every day.

Gravity is a word scientists invented because it sounds more sciency than A Mother’s love.


A Song Diary

It’s almost Mother’s day, a celebration of woman across the globe who give meaning to the word Mom.  Every person on earth has a Mom, even if they are no longer with them.  This post is a special shout-out to the woman my kids call “Mom”.

She remains the most amazing creature on the face of the earth.  She is certainly the most beautiful. And the funniest. The most sincere. And the kindest.  The most loving.  With crystal- clear, turquoise eyes that makes me fall in love with her all over again, every morning when she opens them.  Simply the Best.

But more importantly she is the person who agreed to stand by my side many moons ago when I popped the question.  And she is doing an excellent job in raising two wonderful human beings.  (I do what I can…)

I have to say that the love of my life, my soul mate, my companion on…

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