It’s happening again!

We have not had an incident in 365 days, even though we knew it was bound to happen again.

It was just a matter of time, so we tried our best to prevent it from recurring.  We stopped feeding him.  We didn’t bother to replace old clothes.  We kept him locked in his room for several days, hiding him from direct sunlight.  We couldn’t handle the smell, so we eventually let him out.  All our attempts were futile.  We simply ran out of options and we accepted the inevitable.  We were fighting a losing battle.  We were doomed as we waited with bated breath for the day to arrive.

And it did.  Strolling into our house with a casual arrogance, like nothing’s different.  We knew better.  For Dude is having another birthday today and he is growing up much faster than we like him too.

Ah Dad, come on, do you have too?

Ah Dad, come on, do you have too?

Can you believe another year has passed?  More importantly, can you believe that Dude is turning FIFTEEN?  Can you believe that Dude has been a teenager for two years and is still not showing any of the expected degenerate symptoms most people warned us about?  He still likes to talk to me, he hugs his Mom and still tells us everything about his daily life.  Maybe it’s because we bribe him.

And can you believe he is asking for royalties from my blog?  Nice try.

I have to admit, Dude and Princess remains the inspiration for this blog.  I wanted to pin down moments in our lives, in order that Dude can come back one day and tap into my vast wisdom.  Wisdom he probably missed because we all know our parents only get wiser, when we grow older.

On a serious note, there is no wisdom to be found here.  Sorry if I misled anyone.  It’s just Ah Dad’s notes on how great his life is.  Because of the people in it.  Anecdotes on why you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously but rather find something to smile about.  Every day. And it’s very easy when you’re blessed with a Wife and kids like mine.  Because they’re funny.  But in a good way.  Like in funny ha-ha.  Not funny WTF…

We all know I am the luckiest Dad alive, with two of the most incredible kids any parent could ask far.  Mainly because they take after their Mom.  Who, by the way, is an Angel on her worst day.  You two couldn’t make me more proud, even if you tried, which doesn’t exempt you from trying.

But wow Dude, FIFTEEN!  I have to say, you are my muse.  In a manly way, obviously.  You provide me with ample material to write about, whether it be your brilliant sense of humour, your unwavering belief in what’s right, your unfaltering commitment to your friends and your immeasurable love of life.  I admire your drive and commitment to make a success of everything and we cherish your shameless expressions of love.

I’m envious of your youth, of your confidence, of the ease at which you handle difficult social situations.  The way you seem to glide through high school.  It’s exciting to see the man you’re growing into, even though it breaks my heart to know that with every passing year we’re getting closer to letting you go.

Which is why we tried our best to prevent it from happening.

“No, don’t be silly, I’m not crying, I’m cutting onions.”

Happy Birthday to the coolest and greatest and awesomest Dude in the universe.  The best Son any father could wish for.

19 thoughts on “It’s happening again!

  1. Happy Birthday to your (I was going to type little Dude), but I guess those words don’t suit him anymore 🙂 And yes, I definitely agree with you – you are the luckiest man in the world, well second to my husband that is 😉


  2. Amen. Hy is voorwaar ‘n baie “cool dude” en ons is soo bevoorreg om hom as ons kleinseun te hê. Trots op jou….happy birthday!!!!!!!


    • It’s the granny talking, for my English friends I’ll translate. Granny is basically saying Yes to everything, and confirming how much she loves him and how much she will be paying me for raising her grandson…hehe.

      Dis reg so nê, Ma?


    • Thanks Griet. I think I’m the one who is blessed. By the way when he read the post he looked at me and said without missing a beat: “I’m cutting onions.” aaaaaahhhh.


    • We paint our faces white, wear the traditional clothes and then we run semi-naked around the neighbourhood 7 times. Afterwards we drink the blood of a Springbok and fight a lion in an open arena.

      As for the men…

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