Laugh with me – Episode 1

Is there anyone out there who, like me, enjoys a good hearty laugh every now and again?  Is there anybody out there who doesn’t agree that a good laugh makes everything better?  (If there is, I would humbly suggest that you consider the surgical removal of the stick from your arse. You will feel better, I promise.)  Back to laughing.  I’m not talking about an idle giggle or a friendly, condescending smile, like the one you give to the office clown, who only turns into a bigger clown when he’s drunk. I’m talking about the serious kind of laugh, the kind that kids developed acronyms for.

You know, the LOL and ROFL and LMAO kind of laughing.

Life is tough (unless you’re Kim Kardashian, but hey she’s married to Kanye, so everything balance out) and the only thread holding the scraps of reality from falling to pieces, is our human ability to experience periodic laughing sprees.  Moments where we simply forget about the shit around us and just crack up.  Hysterically.  Laughing makes us forget about the struggles of daily life, albeit for a brief moment.  It’s not just my medicine but my legal drug that gets injected straight into the heart like that scene from Pulp Fiction.  In my case, spreading joy. And hope.  And freeeedooooommm.

Forget the apple; it’s a laugh a day keeps the psychiatrist away.  And that laugh can come from anywhere.  A good joke.  A funny story.  Seeing a stupid person injuring themselves doing something stupid.

In the spirit of sharing I wanted to do something special.  I’m going to make you smile and lift some of the doom and gloom.  A smallish dose of laughter once a week.  And what better way than with a GIF?  I will scour the Internet, even if it takes me to the very last page, to find a GIF that makes me snort coffee all over my new keyboard.  Or worse.  I will not stop until I need a change of pants.  Because funny is what funny does.  Then I’ll post it here.

Without further ado…let’s feel better so LAUGH WITH ME…


You may be concerned/appalled/intrigued/shocked/impressed about what I think is funny.  I don’t think you should worry too much, at least not for the moment…

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