It was kind of depressing and then we WON!

Sitting in my hotel in Phoenix, Arizona I’m a little depressed and highly annoyed. Not because I’m alone. Not because I’m away from my family.  Not because I didn’t pack any shorts for my trip to the desert. No. The reason why I feel like crying is that not one channel in a range of eighty is showing the much anticipated quarter final of the Rugby World Cup 2015, where South Africa is trying to beat Wales for a place in the semi-final.  Yes, my dear friends. NOT FRIGGING ONE! What’s up with that?

It is because we annihilated the US team with 64-0 in the play-offs?

I was considering finding a Sportsbar but I didn’t think that drinking holes would open their doors at eight o clock. Besides it might not be a good idea to kick start my day with a beer. Or seven. So I’m following the game on Twitter because I have to.

I’m wearing my supporters gear and rooting for our team as best I can. My cheers are echoing in the emptiness of my room, frightening little children in the rooms next to mine.  Halfway through we are behind and I’m dying. It’s extremely nerve racking.  For those who don’t understand my tension I would compare it with Hilary waiting for the final tally of the coming presidential election, or waiting to see if the stripe appears on a pregnancy test after a one-night stand with a coyote.

It’s all about winning. We have everything to play for.

My heart is racing and I have trouble breathing. I might be having a panic attack. The game seems very close. Too close. At 61 minutes we are back in the lead, if only for a short time. I’m losing my mind!!

And THEN WE WON with a try in the 76th minute! Fourie jou doring!

And everything was worth it.  The sun is shining brighter, birds are chirping louder and I’ve lost two buttons from my shirt as my chest is expanding. I might even kiss the next person I see. Life is great America, life is GREAT!

Now where is that Sportsbar?

31 thoughts on “It was kind of depressing and then we WON!

  1. I’m glad YOUR team won. Yay! On the flip side, MY team, the Toronto Blue Jays, were playing the Kansas City Royals last night in the ALCS and we LOST. 5-0. Yes, FIVE-nothing! [sigh] Hopefully the Jays will be sharper tonight.

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