And the most amazing person on the planet is…

Humanity has a knack for celebrating greatness. We love heroes.  We like to honour men and women who are able to transcend their existence on this spinning blue ball and achieve a persona of some semi-celestial beings. Like angels and saints and saviors.

We glorify them with awards, honorary degrees and street names.  In some countries they bow before the queen and after she hits them with a sword on the shoulder, they’re called “sir”.  In other countries where democracy has been adopted for a century or two, a medal is pinned to their lapel after they’ve shaken hands with the president.  We simply adore people who inspire us, people who make us believe in the potential of the human race.  People who provide us with a glimmer of hope in the darkest of days.  Those few who rise to the occasion when the occasion warrants us to rise. Normal people who exhibit qualities like bravery, selflessness, graciousness, kindness and love.

There are even a few lucky ones who leaves behind a legacy so astounding that the citizens of earth celebrate it with a national or international day of remembrance.

Which is why I don’t understand why we haven’t declared the 7th of November as an international holiday yet.  Why?  Well, it is the birthday of my Wife, that’s why!

Not only is she the greatest human being that’s ever walked the planet but she decided to become my co-pilot in life.  She’s got all the aforementioned qualities covered and then some.  She is beautiful, funny, caring, endearing and the best mother any kid could wish for.

Meeting her many moons ago has changed my life in a way I still don’t fully comprehend.  She made me understand the concept of eternal love.  She still rocks my world and has the ability to touch the lives of everyone she meets with an endearing soul.  Therefore I am proclaiming the 7th of November to be International MyWifeisthebestthingthatseverhappenedtome-day.  And I will celebrate this day in style with flowers and gifts and wining and dining and. All. That. Jaaaazzzzzzz.  You are more than welcome to join in the festivities. At your own assigned venues off course, ours is a private function…if you know what I mean…

My love, I didn’t think it was possible to love someone more and more with each passing day.  You proved me wrong.  Again. My love has grown exponentially, ever since we met in the company of a grey parrot, 21 years ago.  And I bet the kids love you almost as much as I do.

You’re a Dame.  But more importantly, you’re our Dame.  My Dame.  And you are simply spectacular!

19 thoughts on “And the most amazing person on the planet is…

  1. Come on. Admit what really happened here. You forgot to get her a birthday present, didn’t you?
    Now you’re trying to get out of trouble by writing a blog post? How weak.
    “No, really Honey. You mean everything to me! I’ll write a post and tell the world! Watch me!”

    She MUST be special to let you get away with something like that. 🙂

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  3. Jealous…my husband doesn’t even have a facebook account, not mentioning blog where he could write something like that about me and my birthday….On a second thought however maybe it is good thing- who knows what he would have to say about me…I am definitely not an angel like woman. I am a woman of bones and boiling blood and big mouth…so maybe it is all for good he does not have social media of any kind…by the way I read your post about birth certificate of your daughter. I loved it. You wouldn’t believe but exactly the same experience you could get in any polish office in comunistic times…it changes now as we have had democracy in Poland for 30 years and we are Europeans since 2004, but back then was exactly as you described.


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