My THIRD blog-aversary!


My first threesome!

I knew it was getting close but I never realized it was today.  Much like that time I forgot to mention my wedding anniversary, only to end up with a new version of my loving soulmate called Disgruntled Wife.  This ones comes with visual but no audio, at least for a while.

(Ah…the happy times…)

Can you believe it to be three years since this post?

In keeping up with the spirit of me not having anything particularly constructive to add to society,  please find a link to my automatically generated WordPress report of 2015.

I have found a few excellent uses for this report.

  1. Reading it can serve as an excellent remedy for Insomnia and/or a laxative, depending on where you find yourself doing it.
  2. Scrolling through it will make you say “How long is this thing?” at least twice.  And give you a nice finger workout in the process.
  3. A printed copy will make for a lethal fly swat or effective self-defense baton.  And destroy a third of the Amazon rain forest in the process.
  4. You might catch a glimpse of the kind of people who visit this site for which I take no responsibility, whatsoever.
  5. You will also learn how many people fit into the Sydney Opera house and that is life changing in itself.

See, I’m all about the sharing…

I just want to give a special shout-out to Jon over at South of the Strait and Scott from Snoozing on the Sofa for beating Google at supplying references to my blog! They’re both amazing writers with hilarious sites.  Check ’em out.

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