I’ve crossed the river

So this is what it feels like to post after hours…

Music has always been a huge part of my life or more importantly our lives. Especially when you consider our glorious union is celebrating twenty years, come November.  It’s therefore kind of obvious that Dude and Princess would also turn out to be lovers of lyric and melody.

I’ve always pride myself in having an open mind.  I consider myself to be a “modern, hip, trendy” kind of dad.  The type of father who often embarrass his kids on purpose with quirky comments and the random use of the word “Dude”.  I am certainly not the type of parent who would refuse to listen to the music my kids find entertaining. I enjoy some modern bands. Some of the time.

But with the risk of being exposed to maniacs like Kanye, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber who are also selling records; I deserve a medal for keeping an open mind on this battlefield of popular music. Maybe even a bag of them.

On every journey of open-minded-ness one eventually reaches a river.  A place where your mind is unwilling to bend anymore. A place where you have to make a choice to either (1) Offer your mind as a sacrifice and stay on this side or (2) Cross the river and embrace the inevitable. Because once you cross that river, there is simply no going back.  The lie is just not worth it anymore…

The river that I’m referring to is the place where age starts to interfere with your appreciation of music.  The crossing refers to the acceptance of the status quo that music as an art form has died and no-one alive is able to create decent songs anymore.  Except Adele.  And Pink. And The Script. Oh and Britney off course.

The crossing also makes you realise that your kids are in fact (and have been for a while), listening to crap.  And what’s even worse is that is that you’ve been faking your way through the airwaves and only pretended to like some of the stuff you heard because it was still tolerable.  At the time.

But one person can only handle SO much deception.

I have a few concerns with modern music.

  1. Why are bands choosing acronyms as names?  Have musicians lost the ability to spell?
  2. Why are so many hits just a DJ who combines a famous voice with some electro-pop, techno-funk shit that makes no sense whatsoever?
  3. Why do the bands/artists feel the need to create music about irrelevant crap like taking selfies, getting drunk or having a big ass?
  4. Why do most of these bands/artists feel the need to create an out-of-sync-beat that totally disrupts the sensitive hair of my inner ear?
  5. Why can’t these bands/artists write enough full verses without reverting to a repetitive, annoying chorus to fill three minutes of song?
  6. And why is the highlight of every other song the moment when “the beat drops”?

Let’s face it, I’m no prune but can you sincerely sit there and tell me, with a straight face, that this is a good song?

I didn’t think so.

PS – This piece of tripe will not appear on My song-blog as I have a reputation to uphold.

29 thoughts on “I’ve crossed the river

  1. Beauty and the Beast…baie DIEP liedjie!
    Ek stem saam,totale gemors.Het jy al opgelet,baie moderne liedjies het skares juigend op hul voete,by die klimaks ,wanneer die sanger kliphard begin gil.Ek weet nie wat dit is nie,want gewoonlik rafel die “kunstenaar” se stem uit op daardie punt,maar die skare gaan mal!

    Liked by 1 person

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