Thank you for recognizing my blog

All in a Dad’s Work (catchy isn’t it?) felt the need to give other people homework (I think he’s a teacher) and therefore nominated me with a “Blogger Recognition award”.  I’m eternally grateful for this as I haven’t received any kind of award in a very long time.  It’s unfortunately not the type of award that I can place on the mantel next to my participation in a play, which I received in third grade.  It’s not a physical object. Unless off course you print the image displayed in the content below and put it in a frame.  I just hope he also nominated a few blogs of colour…I certainly don’t want to be in the middle of a whole new #bloggerrecognitionawardsowhite controversy.

Whether that be the case or whether I end up framing it or not, I’m going to run with my nomination.  I like recognition.  Any kind of recognition.  Mainly because we have two teenagers in the house and the Wife and I are becoming more and more invisible every day.

Any reward has rules.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog.
  • Display the award on your post and write about it.
  • Give a brief history on your blog itself.
  • Offer a piece of advice to new and upcoming bloggers. 
  • Select 10 other bloggers you wish to nominate.


The origin story

In the beginning there was nothing.  A blank space and an idiotic expression. The proverbial dog that caught the bus he was chasing for months. The site was set-up and the cursor flashed violently, begging to move, requiring letters to form words and paragraphs and stories that people might end up reading. That was more than three years ago. (Shit, time flies doesn’t it?)  This little blog of mine not only shone brightly as a beacon of hope in my own life; it spiraled out of control.  It became my obsession.  A drug. Causing me to neglect the family, dog and household maintenance.  An explanation as to why the roof in our bedroom has turned into a Chinese-water-torture device.

Statistically speaking this would be my 657th post.

When this blog was an infant it was filled with inspirational stuff, stories for and about my kids, the kind of things that make you smile.  As the blog matured, so did the content. It morphed into a kind of father-parent-husband-movie-superhero-fitness-travel-humour blog, scattered with poo references and f-bombs.  I still write stories about my family because I love them, but I also post tidbits of my everyday life, simply because there’s some real crazy shit happening.  I love to laugh and get off on the notion that someone, somewhere might be visiting my neck of the woods and then leave with a smile or a chuckle or, if I’m really lucky, a snorting of coffee.  We certainly need many more reasons to laugh in this day and age.

Me trying to give advise. (bawaahahahaha)
Shouldn’t a person be some kind of expert in something before they start dishing out advise?  This would make me the least qualified person to do so.  Don’t worry, like most things in life I’ll do my best but take no responsibility whatsoever.  If you fail because of my advise, I would like to apologize in advance.

Enjoy what you do. Write often. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get new followers.  Just keep writing.  They will come.  Eventually.  Stick to a theme.  Don’t stick to a theme. Don’t write shit. Respect your readers.  Edit frequently.  Post often.  Post once a week.  Become part of the community.  Interact.  Comment. They don’t bite. At least not the ones I know. Respect your followers.  Like their posts.  Maybe read them first.  But most importantly: Don’t write shit.

The chosen 10
These 10 are special blogs and also, coincidently, the last ten blogs I’ve followed…in reverse order. The ones who receive my nomination for “The Blogger Recognition Award” are:

  1. Single Family Asylum
  2. Straight Talking Fitness
  3. Poppies and Popcorn
  4. Skipah’s Realm
  5. Putting my feet in the dirt
  6. Daily Inspiration
  7. PatatoPen
  8. Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog
  9. Eclectic Ellen
  10. Grubbsncritters

And now that I’ve caused chaos, panic and disorder in the lives of these ten lovely, innocent bloggers, my job here is done.



29 thoughts on “Thank you for recognizing my blog

  1. Great post and congrats on the award. I’d say thanks for the shout out, but it was part of the rules. Thanks for following the rules! You nominated some great blogs too. It is neat to see where blogs started.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I would say the award is well deserved despite your colourlessness and poo references. Thanks for random acts of laughter and thought provoking profanity (of the cleanest sort.) Your offerings are much appreciated in a time where no one cares to actually care (or not.) ❤ it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooohhh! Boy, am I glad that I made it to the list by the skin of my teeth. 😀 hehehhee. Congratulations and thank you for the shout-out. Will get on it. Soonish.

    Love your intro about Stomper Dad AND your blogging story. I’m a fan of your blog, and so is my husband too, by the way.( If you see “Silver Bullet” that’s him) So that’s 2 views from Thailand every time for you. 😀

    Funny I never thought you could be arsed about awards. And now that you have out it out there…herh..herh…herh….:)

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Congrats on the award! I have enjoyed every post you submit my friend, often bringing humour to my day. On a more serious note, I admire you as Dad, sharing your story & your thoughts as a father. Well done sir!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. I’ve made great friends on my journey…now we must organise a meet and greet on an African safari, sipping wine as we watch the yellow ball changing the sky from Orange to crimson to red to pink as it hides behind the mountains…


  5. Congratulations! Don’t you just hate it when as kids they were selecting team members and never picked you? Well, that’s how the hundreds of other followers of your blog feel when they weren’t nominated. We shall continue to follow and read your blog, but next time nominate all thousand as, like your own kids, we like to be liked. And P.S. just kidding, and a fascinating response thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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