For my friend M, the Warrior!

chris and marietha

We love you guys!

The big C. Cancer. Arguably the most dreadful and scariest word in the English language. What am I saying, most probably in any language, even if it doesn’t start with a “C”.

A word that casts a big shadow.  A word that takes your mind to dark places, a word that frightens the soul and holds your heart in a cold, icy grip.  It’s a confrontation with your own mortality.  Like being tied to a chair and having to play chess with the grim reaper.

And it never happens to you…nor to your family…or even to one of your closest friends. It’s always other people. Until the moment when it does…

If the shock to our system was so severe, how much more to M and C?  I wasn’t able to write about this until today. Maybe it was too hard. Maybe I couldn’t find the right words. Maybe I was in denial.  Maybe this one hit too close to home. A little too personal. But mostly, it was simply too hard.

If this was me, how much more intense for M having to face the reality of her diagnosis…

It’s been more than a month since the dreaded word was spoken and surgery shortly thereafter eradicated everything.  Chemotherapy was not even required and everyone in your corner is still going ballistic!  We’ve been celebrating non-stop.

Relief, gratitude and joy are all insignificant words when I’m trying to express what everyone are feeling now.  It’s been a roller coaster ride filled with terror and turmoil, mostly for you and C. But you got off that horrendous ride and now we can simply rejoice with you and the rest of your loved ones.

I do understand that there is still a long road to recovery but we know you are a trooper and will soldier through this with ease.  Every new day is another step out of the shadows and into the bright light.  Besides you have an awesome family and great friends to support you all the way through it.

It would be pretentious of me to assume I understand what you’re feeling or what your daily struggle is like BUT the one thing that I do know is I’m so glad for C in your life to help carry your burden. I thank the Lord for answering the million and one prayers that was sent to him during the last few weeks.

M, you are a fighter. You are a victor.  You are our inspiration because you are a survivor and a warrior who flipped a bird on the big C.  Wife even saw you drive around yesterday!

And this is the reason why I finally decided to post your journey.   There are just too many reasons to be grateful.

19 thoughts on “For my friend M, the Warrior!

  1. Standing by & witnessing a loved one dealing with the challenges of cancer is a tough one. We had a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back. Her courage & her willingness to share this journey was remarkable. I am not sure if will be able to see this link but this was a little video she put together towards the end of of her treatment. have a watch if you can.

    I don’t presume to know how it feels to hear the words, you have cancer, but I suspect having an incredible support system by your side is essential to walking that road to recovery. I am so happy for your friend that they are on this road. Wishing “M” many cancer free years!

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    • Unfortunately I couldn’t see the video and I would have loved to do so. It’s an awkward situation because you don’t really know how to help, even though you want too. They told us that just being there and phoning or visiting is all the support they need. And socializing with my dearest friends is coincidentally something I absolutely live for.

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  2. It takes some Balls, ones of steel and a voice that roars ” grrraaa! ” to write such a tender post. You are a good friend to have in ones corner, or as a doorman who won’t let the letters “C” or “D” in to the club. Great post.

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