Laugh with me #37

The one thing all parents understand and accept is that at some point we will carry the blame for being singularly responsible for destroying the lives of our kids.  It’s inevitable. Most of the times we don’t even have to be sinister about it. We just have to say no.

Other times we allow the Joker to shine through and we do stuff on purpose.  I mean who among mortals can resist a prank or two?  Like feeding toddlers lemons or offering sour jelly babies to unsuspecting teenagers.

With that being said, this is a new level of cruelty and the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!


The poor kid will need counselling.

17 thoughts on “Laugh with me #37

  1. This reminds of the guy with a full face beard playing peek a boo with his toddler by hiding his face under a dish towel. The baby was laughing. Then he goes and shaves it all off and plays again. The kid freaks out!

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