5 Things that can ruin International travel

1. If you need a visa and the time it takes to issue one by the country you want to visit takes longer than expected causing a rerouting of the entire trip.

2. Being informed that your connecting flight is cancelled due to a strike in some civilized nation, which is coincidently the airline you chose because of that perfect connection.

3. When you find an alternative routing of the said cancelled flight, but the additonal flight is on an airline you will never want to fly with again. Your trip just got six hours longer. Congratulations.

4. Not receiving the boarding tickets for the new routing as the striking country does not have the offices of the newly assigned airline in the terminal building. You have to clear customs and wait in a whole new set of queues just to get back into the terminal.

5. And lastly when your luggage didn’t make it on the final rerouted flight and you have to wait for another two hours for it to arrive on the next flight.

And then I had another 1.5 hours by car which implies that I clocked 31 hours of travel. What can you do? Smile and drink beer.

I don’t have any real reason to complain…I am in Spain after all…

And here the rain falls mainly on the plain.

16 thoughts on “5 Things that can ruin International travel

  1. Why I hate air travel in a nutshell. On the upside, at least you eventually got there without being stranded in a terminal overnight, or being stuck on the tarmac for hours waiting for clearance. Cheering thought: No matter how bad it is, things can always get worse.

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  2. Alcohol is the best remedy for the frustration of being at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control. It gives that fuzzy far away feeling to the nightmare. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m glad you arrived and hope the rest of the trip is more relaxing and worthwhile.

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  3. En as jy twaalf ure later,nadat jou vlug gekanselleer is,uiteindelik in ‘n ander vliegtuig sit…sug van verligting…en die kaptein sรช almal moet uit en hul bagasie uitken,want daar is ‘n ekstra tas op die vlug!!Lang rye koffers op die teer uitgepak en elkeen soek ‘n baas.Het met ons gebeur op ….wag hiervoor…Easy Jet!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  4. You must have been shit out of luck if all of that above happened at the same time! I’d be hopping mad…still what can you do other than grit your teeth and suck it up. Beer, wine are good friends. And Spain? There’s nothing to complain about being in Spain. ๐Ÿ˜„ I hope the experience is better for on the way back!

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