A letter to my 16 year-old son

To the greatest Dude on earth

It’s been three years since I wrote you a letter.  Three years.  WTF!  My mind is officially blown.  What happened to time?  Back then you were just a kid about to enter the turmoil teenage years.  And look at you!  Turning sixteen today!  And you’re handsome and wise and funny…just like dad.13339486_10206581173063436_7685688785425361829_n

You didn’t, contrary to popular belief, turn into some Emo-antisocial-rebellious piece of shit.  You’re still a joy to behold.  You’re still someone I’m extremely proud of.  You’re still someone who I will fight for until my last breath.  Someone I might even love more than Mom….nah…

You didn’t rock the boat or entered any dangerous waters.  Thanks for making it easy to be your Father.  Thank you for being a person of character.  Someone who takes responsibility.  Who’s still as passionate as ever.  You didn’t really change at all, you’ve just turned into a mature version of the cute, little boy.  I know I’m getting soppy but I promise not to cry, at least not in front of you.

How do you manage to govern the social challenges thrown by your peers?  How do you form an opinion and have the courage to stick to it?  How do you maintain such a solemn unspoken vow of not being a sell out at the age of sixteen?  I’ must admit I’ve never possessed that specific genetic make-up so we’ll have to thank Mom for that.

Thank you for still making time for wrestling matches, even though you’re able to physically hurt me nowadays.  Thank you for tolerating my requests for Superhero movies and for every single YouTube video you share with me.  Thank you for laughing at my jokes.  Even the lame ones.  Thank you for our early morning gym sessions.  It sucks eggs getting up when everyone is still snoring away, I know.  You’re probably doing it for a beach bod to get them girls, whilst I do it just to hang out with the coolest sixteen-year-old I know.  And the odd chance at a beach bod.

We still move out of the way when you tell a story.  You’re still go berserk for sport and PlayStation.  You still enjoy the company of the same old friends.  You still spill.  Excessively.  You still consider Mom to be funnier than me.  You still trust us.  You still taunt your sister.  You still tell us things. About school and friends and nothing and everything.  You still make us part of your life.  And for that I cannot fathom the words to describe our appreciation.  And our endless, unfaltering love.

(Okay I’m crying…Excuse me…)

Time remains a ruthless concept and just like it did three years ago, it doesn’t allow us to linger too long in moments of awesomeness.  We cannot stretch great events in time, we can only celebrate them.  Like your birthday.  I thoroughly enjoy watching life through your eyes.

I’m so frigging proud of the young man you have become and at this halfway stop on that journey, I reckon it’s a good time to tell you:

“Well done, Dude.  Well done.”

It’s not the end.  Not even close.  There are still many things to endure, lessons to learn.  There are still a million-plus-one challenges to face.  Maybe even a heart break or two.  But I have no fear that you will endure.  You will whether the storms.

And we’ll be here.  Every step of the way.  With every blow or blessing life might throw at you.  Mom and I…To listen, to pray, to give advise, to assist, to lecture, to watch, to pick up the pieces or just to be…

Remember that there is no-one on earth who loves you more than we do.

Just be you. Always.

Lots of love

Mom and Dad


27 thoughts on “A letter to my 16 year-old son

  1. En Oupa Johan en Ouma Lenie kon nie vir ‘n beter kleinseun vra nie. Hy is ons “first born” en ons is soooo baie lief vir hom en sooo baie trots op hom!!!!!!!

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  2. This might sound strange but this almost brought me to tears. This is exactly the kind of thing that my dad would do – I’m 16, like your son is going to be. The relationship you have with each other is beautiful, and the memories you described were so so lovely. Your son sounds like an amazing person: kind, considerate, and that he knows what’s important. That’s brilliant and I wish him luck for the rest of his teen years. There’re so many pressures nowadays, but if he has you as a parent, I can tell he’ll do more than manage.
    Thank you for the most beautiful post, and letter, I’ve read in a very long time.
    From Elm 🙂

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  3. I sure hope you shared this beautiful letter with your son. Sounds like he has had some great role models to guide him as he maneuvers the waters of childhood to adolescence to adulthood. Happy Birthday !

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  4. Gefeliciteerd! Hey, it was my son’s birthday too on 1st June and he has turned (only) just 4! I’ve missed this year’s annual letter to him and it’ll hv to be a terribly belated one. 😦
    Nice letter to the kid, Ah Dad! He sounds like a fine gentleman and I’m sure you’re saying that sounds just like you. 😜

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  5. How very beautiful! What a great son you have! You both can be proud of him… and also of what you achieved. Him being the fantastic human he apparently is, is also credit to you. You must have done something right. Must have let him grow into the person he is now. You must have nurtured the right elements in him and made him see the wrong things. You have managed to make him believe and trust in his ability to choose the right path. Well done to all of you! Your letter brought a smile on my face.

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