It turns out I’m kind of special.  And not the kind that requires pity.  The kind of special that makes you want to sign autographs and yell at the damn incompetent butler of your penthouse that it takes a very specific kind of stupid not to know that one needs to chill the water that they squeezed out of a rock from Mars BEFORE serving it on a bed of dead fairies.

Help, these days…

Getting back to my life of luke-warm tap water and no butler because “You can certainly do that shit for yourself!”, said Mother.


I joined up over at Ethan and Evelen, whom I also like to introduce as my new best friend,  last Friday in her #FabFridayPost linky party.  And guess what?

No takers?

Come on.  Just try.  OK fine.  (The suspense is killing me.)

I’m featured on her FabFridayPost TODAY…  *insert echo* today… today… today…

Well, actually my our bathroom is.  Because it’s the place where dreams go to die.

THANKS for the huge honour!! And check out her blog because you will have bad sex for seventeen weeks if you don’t…You’ve been warned.  

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