It’s Spring and there is an eclipse, so that must mean something.


No it’s not me in this stockphoto, I have an actual job.

Spring has arrived in the Southern hemisphere and not a moment too soon.  I was slowly turning into the saddest person alive because of Winter. Because Winter is cold, dry, miserable and unforgiving, just like my ex.

But now we’ve finally reached a time where I can celebrate because things are about to change.  Flowers will bloom, grass will turn green and every person suffering from Rhinitis will get red, watery eyes and start to sneeze uncontrollably due to the release of pollen.  Because plants can be spiteful, just like me ex.

It’s also a valid reason for snoring.  Excessively, just like my ex.

In celebration of a new season, the celestial bodies got together and decided to throw an office party of sorts.  Moon got a little tipsy from one too many Milky ways and macarena’d right into the path of Sun.  Some astronomers would call it an eclipse but I reckon Moon’s just being a real bitch, just like my ex.

Moon, get out, you can never be Sun!  Stick with what you know!

Anyway I’m in a chirpy, florally, springy kind of mood and decided to wear this shirt.


I even did a better job than Moon and I’m sober

My family lovingly told me that I’m not allowed to go anywhere near them for the duration of the day, so I decided to drop my kids off right in front of the main gate of their high school and wave at random kids passing by the car.  Because that’s what loving fathers do.

I love Spring, I love life and most of all, I love the fact that I could exchange my ex with the Angel I now call Wife.  At least I understand what it means to be on the dark side of a relationship. But the force is strong with Wife.

I must sound like a real jerk for celebrating warmer days when my friends up North is preparing for misery and suffering over the next couple of months, but hey, at least you get that white stuff in your neck of the woods.

To the rest of us, enjoy Spring!!

PS – I think I caught a glimpse of Moon doing it’s drunk dance in front of Sun but now I can’t see anything…I guess I should have used a filter.

14 thoughts on “It’s Spring and there is an eclipse, so that must mean something.

  1. smiles. I started your blog thinking how fun it is to have such a global community I can hear all about your spring as I am starting fall. Fall is my fave season by the way. I LOVE the color changing trees. Do you get those in South Africa?

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  2. I read quite a few blogs today where bloggers up North are rejoicing that the autumn colors are appearing, winter is on its way and soon they will be rid of the unbearable heat. How to get my head around this riddle? I can’t wait for summer, for the hot African sun to toast my pale wintry skin while the sweat pearls on my body, the exuberance of swimming in the ocean (to get rid of said sweat) and the delicious cooling taste of ice-ream. Send your ex up North and drop her a postcard (selfie) of you on the beach.

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  3. Unlike many people, I hate the winter. I want 365 days of summer, but not too hot. If I won the lottery, I’d never see another fall color and I’d wear shorts every day…I’m a little bitter since you are getting the good parts of the seasons now. Enjoy.

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