I’ve been tweeting

A love to laugh as much as anyone who isn’t walking around with a stick up their arse.  (Ass for my American speaking friends and buttocks for the rest of you.)  Just because I can.Prentresultaat vir twitter

So some of you might have been wondering where I’ve been lately and I’m grateful to be missed.  For those who haven’t even noticed my absence from this blog, please fake a feeling in order to spare mine…

Besides the fact that I was out of town, or more like out of the country, I was tweeting.  It’s my latest addiction and just to prove to all of you, that I’m not lying, I’ve decided to post fifteen of my Twitter-ations over here.  (I also create words on a good day.)

I trust some of these will make you smile but hopefully there is at least one that will make you pee, even if it’s just a little.  It’s a few random (hopefully funny) thoughts of me living life.

There you have it folks.  This might be some of my best work.  (And that might be the saddest or greatest thing I’ve ever said about myself.)  Feel free to follow me on Twitter if your keen on reading more about the randomness of life, especially considering the fact that I also retweet a few other dark, twisted and hilarious folk.

See, I’m a nice guy, ask my mom.


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