I’m down under

Where they love sheep, beer and winning against South Africa. I’m kidding…they never win against South Africa…

(And that caused a minor explosion.)

I’m in Sydney at the moment where a group of guys are shouting at one another in a friendly manner. They must all be deaf, or just have a dark desire to inform random strangers about their weekend. Or maybe they’re just drunk. We all know there is a direct correlation between the amount of alcohol and the volume of your voice.

I’m staying in Coogee beach and please don’t get me started on some of the names they give places down here..

I’m having steak which is priced at the value of a small house where I come from. Fortunately I’ve quit the habit of converting currency because if not, I would certainly starve to death. The guy singing in the corner just finished his set and is packing up. I’m not sure anyone else noticed.  It’s eight-o-clock on a Sunday night, so I reckon they’ll probably roll up the streets and switch of the lights soon.

I’ll be visiting Brisbane and Melbourne, so hopefully there will be some blog worthy events happening soon.

At least I have Twitter…

6 thoughts on “I’m down under

  1. oh, so you were here? I hope you saw more of our little patch than Coogee. I live on the opposite end of the city, on the Northern Beaches, where the beach sand is the same colour as this blog background, a golden pink, and the steaks are MUCH more reasonable. I hope you took a trip across the Great Grey Coathanger (the harbour bridge) and saw Manly or maybe the Blue Mountains?
    ah….we have some wacky names here….Woolongong, Woolloomooloo, Moombooldool, – they’re native names, and whoever translated them into English spelling needs a whack across the head. I hope you enjoyed your stay despite the unusually quiet Sunday night. 🙂

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