A status report.

I’ve been dead tired for the most part. I’m blaming jetlag. But this time it’s been really bad. It’s the kind of exhaustion that make me believe that the zombie virus could actually exist. I conducted a meeting and drove myself to the airport without actually being aware of me doing it. I think, I passed out on the plane from Brisbane because I missed the meal service. Well, it’s not really a meal service, it’s more like a snack bar.

I was sitting next to a newly married couple and I know this because of the way she made me watch her wedding photos on her iPhone.  And there was a lot of touching and smiling and looking happy.  It was totally inappropriate and I reckon newly weds should have a separate section on a plane. She begged the question and I asked. They were on their honeymoon. Do you now understand the kind of shit I have to deal with when I travel internationally?

It was pissing down in Melbourne and I know thats kind of crude but was there a monsoon I wasn’t aware of? And it wasn’t humid, summer  rain, it was cold and miserable, like the kind you see in England. Every day.  People were hunched under umbrellas and thick raincoats.  I didn’t have either. So on my return to the hotel, I looked like one of those dogs from an SPCA commercial, before they got rescued.

I have to admit, I might have had the best lamb rack ever.

I saw a queue of guys sitting at the hotel, looking like they were there for a prostate exam.It turned out it was for an interview. So that’s basically the same thing.

I got an earlier flight to Sydney and there was no one in the queue through security.  That means I’m buying a lotto ticket because good luck comes in threes right?

I sat next to an elderly couple who could be the poster children for a happy retirement. I wanted to take a photo and post it to my bucket list.

I managed to catch some highlights (or would that be lowlights) of the presidential debate. It was watched by more than a 100 million people. WTF? Are there so many lonely people in the world?

Here’s a few thoughts:

  • Didn’t Trump know that it’s useless to interrupt a woman when she’s on a roll?
  • And I think he was sniffing so much because he was crying on the inside.
  • And not paying tax is a crime, not proof of how smart you are.

At least South African might not be the only nation who has a president they’re embarrased about.

Kids take note, this is why it is important to prepare for important events. Otherwise you’ll only end up sniffing and interrupting your way through it…

Sydney is really cold tonight and like most seasoned travelers, I’m not remotely prepaired for it. I guess the wine will have to keep me warm.

See ya.

(PS – I apologize for the many typos as I’m writing this on my phone and you know what they say about big hands…

That guy needs big gloves…)

26 thoughts on “A status report.

  1. I’m surprised they’re watching the Presidential debate down under. I’d think that kind of stupidity would only be interesting to those of us who must live with the result.

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    • You’ll be surprised, it’s all over the news. I suppose there not much else happening down here. Except flooding, a shark attack and some bus that burned on the harbour bridge.


  2. Hang in there traveling business man of international mystery and weariness. I go on occasional courier trips for my museum. A personal bodyguard to our art objects. Talk about shitty and slow moving travel! Sitting in a jump seat on a unheated cargo plane sucks all the balls. Then sitting in customs warehouses for 7-10 hours really adds to the misery. And don’t even get me started on riding shotgun in a semi truck across the country.

    As for the debates, holy hell! Watching Orange Hitler and Grandma Nixon go head to head makes me weep for our future. Jefferson once said that we get the government that we deserve. Well, we must’ve fallen asleep at the wheel because we the people are screwed, pooped and demoralized.

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      • My vote went for Senator Sanders. But that seemed to get hijacked by the Democratic National Party with backroom shady dealings as well as a full media blackout. A real wag the dog scenario.

        At heart, I’m a patriot and will never abandon my country just because it’s dangerously represented by fools and liars. These are the times when the country needs us the most.

        That said, I may take an extended vacation… But only for a year or four.

        And yes, economy is total luxury compared to micro jump seats on a cargo plane that slump forward until your underwear is completed it’s inward trip like the Buddha but with more crotch pain.

        However, I was eventually allowed into the cockpit seat with a cigarette and a sweet view! So, some perks.

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