She’s Forty.

Life is taking over my ability to blog.  Maybe I shouldn’t just blame life.  Things like work, travel and a damn MBA also gets in the way of writing.  Lots of shit is happening, leaving me with scraps of time to do important things, like blogging.

My time for blogging is merely breadcrumbs left behind after the rest of my life had their picnic.  And how am I’m supposed to survive on breadcrumbs alone?  I’m starving over here.  Neglecting my writing, reading and commenting obligations.

There comes a time when every man has to grow a pair, then take time by the short and curlies and throw it out the door.  A moment where you have to take back the control and find a moment to do the things you really love.  Like writing.

Anyhow, enough about me.

Wife turns forty today, so is there any better reason to post?  I mean whilst we still have access to the Internet because I’m sure it’s going to break tomorrow with that little election taking place across the Atlantic and all…

It’s amazing to think that the love of my life has reached the age where humans stop counting the years.  When you reach the point where people would rather sympathies, than congratulate you on the anniversary of the day you were born.

This lady is still the most beautiful person I know.  She hasn’t age at all during the last ten years. Like a good red wine, she’s matured into an amazing, strong, kind, warmhearted, funny, gorgeous human being, one whom I’m privileged to call my Wife.

She’s an inspiration to everyone she meets and my kids are the happiest  people on earth having this woman as their mother.  I cannot comprehend living a life without her by my side.  She’s not just my Wife or the Mother of my children, she’s my life-source, my anchor, my blessing, my comfort, my fountain of youth and my dearest and bestest friend.  She makes me smile just thinking of her.

I’m so happy to share this special day with you and I pray that the next forty will be even more amazing than the first. (I’ll never mention a number again, promise!)

Happy Birthday Liefie!

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