Are you alive?

On Monday morning a dear friend collapsed at work and was admitted to hospital, not being able to walk.  That evening she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.  GBS is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system, leading to weakness in your extremities, spreading quickly, eventually resulting in paralyzes of your whole body.

As of this morning she still hasn’t gained full feeling of her lower legs and she has to rely on help to be able to move in her bed.  She is still in bed and fighting her illness with a whole lot of support from a million people.  I know she’ll pull through.

And to think she was still doing everyday mommy things at the beginning of the week.

Life can change instantaneously.

In one fleeting moment things we consider to be fix and firm can turn brittle and bizarre.  It’s there now, gone a second later.  I’m still left with an overwhelming feeling of shock and despair, knowing how difficult this must be for her, a person who never sits down.  Who never stops being busy.

And I’m left with the question: How many of us truly appreciate this gift called life?

I was reminded of how important it is to BE ALIVE.  Not just live but attacking life with vigor and passion.  Seizing the frigging day.  Taking life by the short and curlies and squeezing every single ounce of joy and happiness from it.

Stop complaining about the weather, get an umbrella and dance in the rain.  Stop complaining about the long working day, make friends with your co-workers.  Stop complaining about the barista who doesn’t smile or the old lady who drives too slow. Stop fretting about the neighbours new car or the price of bread.  There are bigger things happening around you.

Go home and tell your Wife how much you love her.  Hug your kids. Love them with everything you have.  Phone your friends.  Say hi.  Make amends.  Forgive.  Forget.  Love. Smile.  Have fun. JUST BE ALIVE!

Make a memory of every day because it might be the last one you have.

20 thoughts on “Are you alive?

  1. Oh dear, hope your friend makes a quick recovery, that’s awful 😦 I agree with you completely, it’s easy to forget but we are very lucky if we have our health and family. If I’m feeling low I list everything that I’m grateful for, it’s good to take stock and appreciate what you have 🙂 Best wishes to you and your friend x

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  2. My own mortality has never been clearer or more at the forefront of my mind since my father-in-law passed away two months ago. One day they’re here talking and laughing and the next day they’re gone, never to be seen or heard again. Seize the friggin’ day!

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  3. Sadly, it often takes a life altering reminder for us to pay attention to the gift that is each day. I am so sorry to hear of your friends illness. Wishing her a full recovery in the coming days. Hugs, L

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  4. Oof, that’s a tough blow. I hope she continues to recover. I have an autoimmune disease that lays me low, in crazy pain, all the time, often unexpectedly. I never know when I’ll be bed ridden or knocked out on pain killers, so I have to make the most of what time I have.

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