Beautifully broken

I don’t need to say much, the lyrics says it all.

A Song Diary

A picture says a thousand words but the right song at the right time will speak to you forever. Just like this one.  I know there are people out there that need this song today and this is why I’m sharing it. The lyrics says it all.

Every tear, every doubt
Every time you’ve fallen down
When you’re hurting, feeling ashamed
When you’re numbing off your pain
When you’ve lost your way
And feel so far away
You’re not

You’re beautifully broken
And You can be whole again
Even a million scars doesn’t change whose you are
You’re worthy
Beautifully broken


Please share this song with those who need it today.

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2 thoughts on “Beautifully broken

  1. Believe me Ah Dad – we’ve both been blogging for an age… and (I’m older than you) nothing will reward you more in the long run than being “beautifully open” – whatever (for you and me) that the f*** means…


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