Ah Dad says goodbye

You might be pleasantly surprised (or not) to know that after an absence of three years I’m still here. Since the last post at the end of 2018 a lot of things changed in the life of Ah Dad. I changed careers, survived COVID-19 and Dude and Princess moved on to study at University. The Wife and I are now supposed to be living the dream with no kids in the house.

The dream turned out be more of a nightmare. We miss our kids terribly. An empty nest is the saddest place on earth. It’s where hope goes to die. It sucks major balls. We fought through our initial despair and replaced our longing with two of the cutest dogs you will ever meet. They keep us busy between the infrequent visits from Dude and Princess. It has now reached the point where we might have more love for Kolbe and Lambie than we have for those other two bodies who used to occupy our time and a space in the house.

I migrated from my roll as a dad to a man who is paying for the party bills of his kids. Now the question remains, why did I stop writing? I always thought that TIME was the reason. Then a friend, after a gin or seven, confronted me about this situation. I don’t have kids in the house, I settled in my new job, I didn’t take up golf and I finished my studies, so why don’t I write anymore?

I didn’t have an immediate response but it bugged me like a bad earworm. I read through some of my posts on this site and realized that my motivation for writing has changed. Even though my kids still inspire me, they are not the central part of my daily existence anymore. We have done the parenting thing as best we could. We were able to release two confident, well rounded young adults into the world to find their own way. We have to move on to the next chapter of our lives. But there was a small problem.

Due to the fact that (1) I wasn’t active on my site and (2) I ignored most of the mails relating to my blog, I subsequently lost my domain. I can still get it back at the price of a small country but as I am already living on bread and water to fund my kids’ education, it was never an option. I opted for the next best thing…

A new blog on a brand new domain. If anyone is interested you can follow my new musings on http://www.manwritesstuff.com.

This is the last post on Ah Dad.

The new site will contain the same shitty writing and awkwardness of the old one, just from a slightly different perspective. I hope to see all my friends, even the ones whom I shamefully neglected over the years, on the new site.

2 thoughts on “Ah Dad says goodbye

  1. Becoming an empty nester is truly one of the most challenging transitions I have ever experienced. You adjust and eventually find your new normal, but I am not sure I have ever stopped missing my kids & the energy they brought to our household. Alas, this is the reality of raising children.

    Hope you have fully recovered from Covid, what a shit show the past 16 months have been! Popping over to your new blog & look so forward to reading your musings there.💕

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