We call him Mister Dude

There once was a boy who lived in a village that time forgot.  It was a fabulous place to live, a place filled with happiness, laughter and love.  Where the other villagers took care of one another.  They were considerate and kind.  And this boy stole the hearts of all the other villagers.  Some visitors of the land would carry tales of his kindness or his humour or even his handsomeness but they all couldn’t stop telling the story of how he was loved by all the other villagers.  He might have been the most loved person in the village.

The mayor of the village was especially fond of him, and even had a special name for the boy.  He called him Dude.  Because why not?  When a person gets a nickname made of love, then one doesn’t consider the amount of time that was spent scanning through countless books of baby names, just to try and find that perfect balance of manliness, meaning and pronouncability.  Not to mention the ease of spelling the damn thing.

The tragedy of the village was that time moved a lot faster than in the normal world.  What feels like a brief moment turns out to be months or even years in real time.  Moments that fly by at the speed of light, moments that turn into memories faster than life itself.  And then one random day in a year, the villagers wake up and realise that their short stint in time turned out to be a whopping 18 years of real time!!  And that my friends, is fucking ridiculous. (Sorry readers but it is what it is.)

The problem with reaching 18 years of real time is that the boy is no longer a boy.  When a citizen of the village turns 18, it implies that he will be leaving the village shortly.  In a few months from now he will have to say goodbye to the other villagers and then he will only be able to visit them every now and again.  (And let me tell you dear boy, it better be more now than then!)  But there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  The mayor have tried to stop time or even slow it down but there’s no stopping the inevitable.  Time is a heartless bastard.  The man-boy will have to leave the village and face the real world which is a horrible place filled with things like responsibilities.  A place where he will have to stand up and face all the consequences of the many decisions he has yet to make.IMG_2378

The good thing is that Dude is well prepared for life in the real world.  He has grown into the most amazing man in all the land.  He is kind, and generous, and wise, and disciplined, and courteous, and funny, and responsible and dare I say, ladies, dashing as hell.  And even though he might leave our little village, he knows that he’ll always have a place to call home.  A warm place where the other villagers will support him and encourage him and love him until death and beyond.  And they will wish him well on his journey and on this landmark birthday, a soon as they finished sobbing and are able to speak.  Once they have dried their tears of joy and pride.

Because starting tomorrow, we will call him Mister Dude.

And with that, I wish you the greatest, happiest and best 18th birthday.  May your future be as bright as your own being.  May your day be filled with a thousand chuckles and a million laughs.

We love you in a way you may never fully comprehend.

Mom, Princess and I (aka the Mayor.)


Dude can be a Bond villain

I’ve mentioned that Dude loves drama.  And not in the way the Kardashians or any one of the other Housewive-shitshows like drama.  He likes to act.  In a play.  On a stage.

Their high school puts on a play every year and Dude has been lucky enough to get a role every year since he joined.  It’s four years now.  What can I say?  The apple falls very far from the tree.  Like miiiiiiiiles…

It all good, except for the little known fact that he has been cast as the villain in the last three plays he was in.  Portraying revolting creatures, crafted from the foul scraps left over when they drained the cesspool of humanity.  Kids who are degenerates of society. Continue reading

Are you alive?

On Monday morning a dear friend collapsed at work and was admitted to hospital, not being able to walk.  That evening she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.  GBS is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system, leading to weakness in your extremities, spreading quickly, eventually resulting in paralyzes of your whole body.

As of this morning she still hasn’t gained full feeling of her lower legs and she has to rely on help to be able to move in her bed.  She is still in bed and fighting her illness with a whole lot of support from a million people.  I know she’ll pull through.

And to think she was still doing everyday mommy things at the beginning of the week.

Life can change instantaneously. Continue reading

Battled and bruised – A sequel

A few weeks ago I posted in the midst of my preparation for an exam and how Dude inspired me to do better and stop complaining about my shit.  He showed me what it means to never give up.

The truth is that during his trials and tribulations of trying to make the first rugby team of his high school, he basically sacrificed his own body.  Which is how rugby works.  Rugby is basically 30 guys wrestling each other for an egg shaped ball.  And unlike the wimps across the Atlantic, rugby players do so without any form of protective gear.  Wife would argue that the NFL players are intelligent human beings who are not willing to suffer a dilapidated injury in the name of sports.  But this is my blog so I can call them what I want. In the words of Yoda: “If sports you want play and padding you must wear, wimps you must be.” Continue reading

He inspired me.

Most of us would agree that a big part of being a parent is to motivate, encourage, support and inspire our kids, especially when life decided to throw a few lemons their way.  It’s our duty to make sure they get up again after that bump on the knee.  Or the punch on the chin.  We run when they fall from the swing and clean up the wound, apply the bandage and wipe their tears.  Sending them off with words of encouragement so they can get back on that swing.  It’s true what Wife says, “A parent is only as happy as their unhappiest child.

But there are rare occurrences when the roles of parenthood is reversed.  When your kid lifts his mask and reveal a small glimpse of the man (or woman) they are destined to become… Continue reading

The world is burning

I’m sitting here in absolute disbelief.  Sickened by humanity.  Disappointed in the human race.  No wonder aliens wouldn’t bother reasoning with us.  We’re an intolerant, judgmental, hateful bunch of a-holes.  They’ll just use their green-ray guns and vaporize us to smithereens before starting over. “Zoom. Zap. Done.”

What is happening to the world we live in?  Between bombings, shootings, violence, protests, referendums and political insecurity it feels like we are on the brink of being dumped right back into the Middle Ages. I don’t know much, but I do know that I won’t be able to defend myself with a sword.  Please tell me I’m dreaming and I’ve watched one too many Game of Thrones episodes…

But my twitter feed tells me otherwise. Continue reading

A letter to my 16 year-old son

To the greatest Dude on earth

It’s been three years since I wrote you a letter.  Three years.  WTF!  My mind is officially blown.  What happened to time?  Back then you were just a kid about to enter the turmoil teenage years.  And look at you!  Turning sixteen today!  And you’re handsome and wise and funny…just like dad.13339486_10206581173063436_7685688785425361829_n

You didn’t, contrary to popular belief, turn into some Emo-antisocial-rebellious piece of shit.  You’re still a joy to behold.  You’re still someone I’m extremely proud of.  You’re still someone who I will fight for until my last breath.  Someone I might even love more than Mom….nah…

You didn’t rock the boat or entered any dangerous waters.  Thanks for making it easy to be your Father.  Thank you for being a person of character.  Someone who takes responsibility.  Who’s still as passionate as ever.  You didn’t really change at all, you’ve just turned into a mature version of the cute, little boy.  I know I’m getting soppy but I promise not to cry, at least not in front of you. Continue reading

As happy as a lark

20110710_df1_20110607_1022_060-065 skylark singing in flight (selected) 09-14 of 16 (sequential impression montage @ 7fps)(r+mb id@768)

Thanks to http://www.moorhen.me.uk for the pretty pic

Being a father makes me happy as a lark.  I simply love being a Dad.  It remains one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever attempted to do. Attempted, as I’m still busy trying to figure it out.  Winging it, so to speak.  Fortunately for us, our little birdies haven’t flown the coop. They still snuggle under our wings.  There has not been a need for them to spread their own.  Wings, that is. Continue reading

The Sounds of Silence

This is technically a reblog from my other blog, A Song Diary, which most of you are not visiting as frequently.  Don’t worry, my therapist said I’m still a great human being and I shouldn’t evaluate my self-worth solely based on the amount of followers I have or, as it is in that case, don’t have.  (The fact that I run around the house naked is reason for concern.)  Besides the 28 of us are having a musical blast over there.  Striving to become a better person, I decided to share my latest discovery with the rest of you because it simply BLEW MY MIND.  

Do I like heavy metal?  Hell no! The screeching of guitars and screams mascarading as singing has never poked my interest.  I like to hear the lyrics and just like canines I cannot handle high pitch screeching noises.  BUT every so often some of these bands are able to create haunting pieces of music. Songs that gives me goosebumps, in a good way off course.

As is the case with DISTURBED and their rendition of the old Simon and Garfunkel classic THE SOUND OF SILENCE.  In this clip you can also see how a video can lift a song to an artform.  You will not find one guest celebrity or any woman shaking her booty in the face of a rapper sitting in a chair.  A rare find these days.

And here I am not even being the greatest fan of covers BUT…

Were you able to look away at any moment during the song? I couldn’t but I’m weak.  Just a sucker for a good song.  I was absolutely transfixed.

Do yourselves a favour and check out their video for The Light as well, truly inspirational stuff.

Maybe they’re not a heavy metal band as per Wikipedia.  They’re a little more rock  which is why I got the album.

For my friend M, the Warrior!

chris and marietha

We love you guys!

The big C. Cancer. Arguably the most dreadful and scariest word in the English language. What am I saying, most probably in any language, even if it doesn’t start with a “C”.

A word that casts a big shadow.  A word that takes your mind to dark places, a word that frightens the soul and holds your heart in a cold, icy grip.  It’s a confrontation with your own mortality.  Like being tied to a chair and having to play chess with the grim reaper.

And it never happens to you…nor to your family…or even to one of your closest friends. It’s always other people. Until the moment when it does… Continue reading