Laugh with me #35

I know this is probably very close to cheating when it comes to my blog, but I promise I will return to my normal posting schedule once I get settled into my new responsibility.  Just stick with me for a little while, I beg you.

I’m just a little overloaded with stuff at work.


But just like this poor dude, I will get on top of things no matter what.  Work will never interfere with this blog! At least not indefinitely…

Did you know?

Over the last couple of months I’ve been posting a series of funny GIF’s, I call: LAUGH WITH ME.  Because with funny,  I mean they’re funny to me.  It’s all laugh out loud shenanigans captured on video by so-called-friends.

I know some of you don’t read everything I publish, so I decided to post EVERY GIF on a separate page on my blog, under the heading: ALL THE GIF’S YOU NEED.  I even linked to the page so you’re just a click away from some tremendous comic relief.  All  at the expense of others. Because what is funnier than that?

If that page doesn’t put a smile on your face then you need to seek medical attention. Seriously, I’m not kidding.  Or am I?

Remember to keep coming back because that page is updated every so often, which can be roughly translated into: When I get the time to do so…


Laugh with me #32

I can now confirm that I’ve been on a fishing boat, cruising in deep waters that was far, far away from land. When I was, I didn’t catch the BIG one and have no heroic fishing tales to lie about.  So maybe it would be unfair for me to comment on the quick action of this dude.

But even with my newly opened mind and attitude adjustment, I still don’t think I would be the type of guy who will jump into shark invested waters, just to get away from a homicidal marlin on a mission.

But maybe I’m just a big mouth.

giphy (3)

Laugh with me #31

When I decide to embark on an adventurous activity, what other people might call a stunt, I employ a rational, logical thought process; prior to execution of said activity.  Maybe it’s because I’m risk-avert or because I’m older but I reckon the main reason would be simply because I’m not stupid.  And the process doesn’t even take that long, it consists of a few quick questions before I make the call of “Yes, let’s dot this!” or “No, are you frigging crazy?”

These questions include non-mindblowing ones like “Will I get hurt?”, “Should I tape this?”, “Would other people consider this to be utterly stupid?”, “Is this normal behavior?”, and then just to be sure, another “Will I get hurt?”

It’s clear that my system is not employed by everyone.


A big ball makes you bounce. Who knew?

I love the slow decent after she hits the wall. I can’t help but yell “TIMBER!”

Laugh with me #30

We’ve all heard the expression “to grab the bull by the horns” but what happened here, I have no words for.  It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of being manhandled. Or maybe it’s the animal version of saying ‘go for it’; just grab the handler by the head.


I cannot stop laughing.  It’s. Just. So. Funny.  It also provides us with a very valuable lesson: Never f*ck with a camel.

Laugh with me #28

When you Iook up the word “face-plant” in a dictionary, this is what you’ll find,  no other explanation required…


I’m wondering if this was an intentional flip-and-fall because it just seems so perfectly executed, like this guy is one of the Cirque de Soleil clowns.

Whatever his intention, he had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Laugh with me #27

I sincerely hope that 2015 has treated you better than the jump did to this guy.  Doesn’t this just seem like a perfect example of how most of us feel before the end of the year?


Remember it doesn’t matter how hard you fall or how unprepared you are when it happens, it is all about getting back on that bike again. Once you regain the feeling in your lower limbs off course…

Happy NEW YEAR for 2016!!