Ok fine, the sunrise is still pretty amazing.

Ok fine, the sunrise is still pretty amazing.

Frozen, desolate, leafless trees sticking out of the ground like brown, bony, monster fingers breaking through the barren soil to take over the world.  An eminent threat that has chased the colour green from the landscape.

Veld fires rage with crimson breath and a smokey desire to destroy roaming grasslands and leave behind scorched, apocalyptic fields of nothingness. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Ah, how I’m missing those days already. You know the ones that has Sun. Fun. Rinse. Repeat.

The only things I need for survival during the next four months would be cuddling with the wife, in front of our fireplace and a goblet of red wine.  Prozac wouldn’t hurt either.  For people in the Southern Hemisphere don’t do Winter well.

Naked and Afraid

I’ve posted on nudity before. No, there’s nothing wrong with me.  My wife have me checked twice a month.

It was a post on how certain human activities are just not suppose to be executed without clothes on.  Things like jogging or getting a haircut.  (If you want to leave the awesomeness of THIS post and plunge right in to THAT post, you can start by clicking THIS link, here.  But you need to be naked in order to do so.  It’s a new updated version of WordPress.)

The point of THIS post would be to add one more item to THAT list of five.  And that one activity would be: The Act of Survival. Continue reading

I stepped on a bee.

I haven’t done it in a while, but here is a reworked post, especially prepared for Newcastle night (4) copy. Please enjoy, but remember, always in moderation.

Ah dad...

I’m guilty of homicide. Or maybe manslaughter, as it didn’t happen on purpose.  I wouldn’t harm a fly…wait…I would.  I would crush those annoying flying vermin in a heartbeat.  But I never meant to hurt the bee.  It’s not my fault I stepped on an insect with suicidal tendencies. Besides he might be dead, but I was stuck with the discomfort of a swollen foot and rigid toe, that became an exact replica of a thick vienna.

Like most tragedies, it happened unexpectedly.  A perfect summer’s day.  The sky was cobalt blue, and the sun was playing hide and seek behind puffs of cotton ball clouds scattered across the sky.  The butterflies were dancing amongst the flowers and even the ants stopped working to bask in the smiling sun.  I know, for I was playing outside with the kids, passing a rugby ball.

Son decided to show us some “trick passes”, which just became ingenious ways of throwing the ball on the ground.  It spend significantly more…

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