Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Ah, how I’m missing those days already. You know the ones that has Sun. Fun. Rinse. Repeat.

The only things I need for survival during the next four months would be cuddling with the wife, in front of our fireplace and a goblet of red wine.  Prozac wouldn’t hurt either.  For people in the Southern Hemisphere don’t do Winter well.

Hello World!


God’s screensaver, best viewed outside.

 I couldn’t resist.

Remember the time when screensavers were really important in daily conversation and countless hours were wasted getting the settings just right?  A wondrous, devious little distraction from whatever we were really suppose to do at the time, i.e work.  I’m using a memory reference, for the same hours are spilled these days browsing YouTube and Facebook.  For work reasons, obviously. Continue reading