A letter to my 16 year-old son

To the greatest Dude on earth

It’s been three years since I wrote you a letter.  Three years.  WTF!  My mind is officially blown.  What happened to time?  Back then you were just a kid about to enter the turmoil teenage years.  And look at you!  Turning sixteen today!  And you’re handsome and wise and funny…just like dad.13339486_10206581173063436_7685688785425361829_n

You didn’t, contrary to popular belief, turn into some Emo-antisocial-rebellious piece of shit.  You’re still a joy to behold.  You’re still someone I’m extremely proud of.  You’re still someone who I will fight for until my last breath.  Someone I might even love more than Mom….nah…

You didn’t rock the boat or entered any dangerous waters.  Thanks for making it easy to be your Father.  Thank you for being a person of character.  Someone who takes responsibility.  Who’s still as passionate as ever.  You didn’t really change at all, you’ve just turned into a mature version of the cute, little boy.  I know I’m getting soppy but I promise not to cry, at least not in front of you. Continue reading

A Princess for all Seasons

Tomorrow is going to be tough. Much harder than I thought it would be.  It may even bring this grown man to tears.  I have to accept the inevitable, grow a pair and fight this urge to bawl uncontrollably.  If that doesn’t work I’ll need to find a Kleenex somewhere, just to wipe the tear-splatter and snot from the screen if the screen becomes to blurry and I can’t write anymore.

Because Princess is turning thirteen. OMG.


When you were younger Mom and I always joked about the fact that you were the kind of kid who had four seasons in a day. Waking up in a winter mood and then progress through spring, summer and autumn as the sun was travelling across the blue sky.  It was amazing to see how passionate you enjoyed life, squeezing every drop from it, soaking it up like a sponge.  You did everything with so much enthusiasm. Laugh, cry, play, work, love.  It’s inspirational.

Now that you are older your emotions have leveled out a bit, you’re not as erratic and unpredictable like you were a few years ago. Continue reading