I’m Ah Dad and I have a problem

It seems that I’m losing the urge to (1) Stab a certain coworker in the throat or (2) Wanting to down a bottle of wine at 10 in the morning or (3) Both of the above in quick succession of each other.  But I do have another problem.  Or more accurately, an addiction.

Addiction is a dependence on something in order to sustain normal behavior.  There are many forms of addiction.  Examples include heroine, cocaine, sex, alcohol, Facebook, Jennifer Aniston and/or Britney Spears. And before this post turns into a fifth grade report on substance abuse, let’s just all agree that the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Continue reading

Smoke much? No, he must be lying.

A disgusting little garden

Evil Mary’s disgusting little garden

Tim* was a smoker. Tim was unhappily married to the first woman who agreed to have sex with him, mainly because she fell pregnant.  Tim was not a very lucky man, most probably because he accidently kicked that midget during soccer practise.  In his defence, the little man was lying on the field at the time.  It wasn’t Suzie’s* first horizontal Tango but she felt sorry for the 22 year old virgin, was drunk at the time and needed a place to stay.  Even though Suzie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, she manage to retain every single pound of fat she had before she fell pregnant.  Now she only had an excuse to look like someone who ate a small country. Continue reading

Got your fix today?

Bloggers are odd people.   We write short versions of random events,  exposing details of our lives to strangers.  And your success would be measured by how many new strangers you can entertain with the weirdness of your daily existence.

Bloggers like to write.  Its the reason why we do what we do.  We’re all driven by a basic desire to put pen to paper, even if we don’t have anything particularly good to write about.  We have to except that not all of the writers in the world can contribute to the library of great, inspiring authors, such as EL James, for example. Authors who give credibility to the art of writing.  Bloggers are just people who use a platform and jot down fantasies or opinions or reviews or experiences. Continue reading