So what happened to the fish?

Many have asked me what happened to the heap of fish I caught during our recent deep sea fishing expedition.  I will answer that question now.

It wasn’t really a heap of fish. I made that part up. Creative liberty.  Besides who would want to see a movie about my adventures at sea,  starring Chris Hemsworth, if I didn’t catch a fish or six. Maybe even seven.

Wife, the same person whom I love more than life itself, the mother of my children and the woman who supports me in almost anything, made it abundantly clear that she does not want any fish in her house. Technically it’s our house but I have been married long enough to know that if I disobey this direct instruction, I would need to find another place to rest my weary head. The fish and I.  At least for a while. Continue reading

The difference between the bucket list of Kingsley Holgate and mine is that mine won’t kill you.

I answer to the name of Moses too.

You can call me Santa if you like.

Kingsley Holgate is an explorer, a real life adventurer.  The original camel man without the boots, sultry looks and two-day stubble.  He is more like a pudgy version, with rosy red cheeks and an impressive, bushy, white beard that makes you think I’ve just described Santa Clause.  Getaway magazine named him the most traveled man in Africa.  Our very own Optimus Prime fighting the good fight against Malaria, a disease that caused the death of another famous explorer, David Livingstone.

This humanitarian is about to get back in his Landrover and embark on a new quest; to find the heart of Africa.  Besides the fact that he obviously hates being at home in Cape Town, I didn’t know our continent had a heart.  I know we have soul, open spaces, corrupted leaders, poverty, blood diamonds, the cradle of mankind, great wine, an Oscar winner, friendly people, amazing animals and a few big cats who is chasing all of the above around the bush, hoping to make a meal of it, but a heart?  Who knew? Continue reading